Rapper Tray Savage Killer Identified and Charged with Murder in 2020 Shooting

A 20-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the killing of newcomer rapper, Tray Savage in 2020. The law enforcement officers arrested the suspect in Fort Worth, Texas and later extradited him to Chicago from Texas. Demitri Jackson killed the 27-year-old rapper in June 2020 near Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood. A murder warrant had been issued on him, but the cops couldn’t arrest him since he fled away from Chicago.

The investigators identified the gunman to be Jackson with the help from surveillance video. Jackson reportedly walked with a distinctive limp before and after murdering Tray Savage. The incident occurred in the 8100 block of South Evans Avenue where the two met and had conversation for about 15 minutes. Jackson and Savage belonged to the same gang faction in the neighborhood.

After a brief conversation, both went to their separate car, but Jackson got off from his car and interacted with Savage. Sometime later, Jackson returned to his car while Savage tried to drive away. However, Jackson quickly overtook Savage’s car, who was sitting in the car with his girlfriend. Jackson blocked Savage’s car and started shooting at him. Kentray Young aka Savage bumped into the parked car and later died at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The Cook County judge denied Jackson’s bail on Sunday

Jackson will return to the court this Friday, after the judge denied bail on Sunday. However, his attorney believes that he should have bailed since he co-operated with the authorities. Thomas Hallock, Jackson’s attorney also mentioned that he left the city only after his grandmother’s funeral in Fall 2020. The prosecutors didn’t reveal why the young man killed the 26-year-old rapper.

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Chief Keef had signed Tray Savage in his Glory Boyz Entertainment imprint. The Chicago police officers quickly identified the gunmen as Jackson due to his distinctive limp. He reportedly had run-ins with the police officers back in 2018 that left him with the condition after wounding his ankle. A video footage recovered from nearby convenience store clearly uncovered Jackson entering white Mazda before killing Tray Savage.

Jackson also had a unique skin imperfection that helped the authorities to quickly identify him. The Cook County has charged him with one count of first-degree murder. Elsewhere, Tray Savage collaborated with Chief Keef in 2013 in Chiefin Keef.


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