boAt new Smartwatch With GPS Tracking Feature: Other Features & Price

The boAt is a tech giant which specializes in the audio system of technology. they are famous for their headphones and earbuds as well as earphones. But a little while ago they launched their other product in line which was something you wear, a smartwatch. There are hundreds of smartwatches in the market and they should have done something so that their watch will be different and customers will buy it. They should have a different approach.

They have made this watch for people around the world who have a very fast lifestyle. They can’t risk wasting their time on bad things or a piece of technology. Those who amid all these things want to stay fit and healthy and they are trying hard to achieve it with good food and they are also tracking their footsteps, every aspect of their life. That’s why boAt has offered them a smartwatch that can keep up with their lifestyle easily.  handy tech which looks good too on anyone.


People don’t want to buy a high price smartwatch. They will probably go for an analog watch that suits them the best.  So, boAt had many reasons for them to make their device cheap. They have many versions. But the cheapest version of the new boAt Xplorer smartwatch is 2999 Indian Rupees. According to their website, the highest version of the watch is at a good price of 5990 Indian Rupees which is also not that costly.

An average person can buy this watch. But if you want to buy this watch at a great price of 2999, you should go ahead and buy it because the range will go up and they will remove this introductory price and you will regret not buying it. As for me, I am ordering it right now.

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There are many features in this watch. One of the features of this watch is it comes to switch three different band colors. Pitch Black, Grey, and Orange Fusion are the color combination it comes in. It has its body made entirely with metallic components. It has a built-in magnetic charging. It has Bluetooth version 4.2 so that it can be easily connected with any device without getting disconnected. It had a fully loaded 210mAh battery. It can go on without charging for a full week. That’s impressive.

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