Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Now Free from Hackers?

According to the developers of “Call of Duty”, due to current anti-fraud measures, almost half of the crooks are barred from entering “Call of Duty: War Zone.” Since the release of the “Call of Duty: War Zone” solution a year ago, due to the continuous efforts of developers to locate and implement dishonest behaviors in the “War Royale” title, almost every 1 million hackers have Is illegal.

 Call Of Duty: Warzone Updates

There are no fouling waves, many of which will even affect the infamous streamers. In September of last year, Team Activision launched another wave of extensive theater bans to boycott many major criminals of the same rank. It seems that the explanation for this particular attempt may be a popular hook procedure called engine ownership, which has been found in more than 20,000 accounts.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Has Now Banned Half A Million Hackers

Obviously, there is a popular streaming media called Awesome, which does not allow live streaming. Judging from the proposal, there is no doubt that the proposal has been permanently blocked. The developers believe that there is no room for cheating in the Duty: Warzone solution, so they recently revealed evidence of their ongoing war against hackers. The Battle Royale game was released more than a year ago.

At that time, 475,000 scammers must be illegal. Since February alone, developers have been subjected to seven waves of mandatory huge bans, and the last wave may have occurred on Sunday. In addition to serious efforts, security teams usually need a personalized approach to prohibit daily cheating and respond to player messages. Currently, developers are mainly focused on delaying repeat offenders and preventing them from buying new accounts on the black market.

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Although the decision of the duty development and security teams did not fully disclose their strategy, they recognized that these serial port crooks have hardware bans. Activision recently released another report about malware campaigns initiated by crook vendors to infect players. computer. Downloading suspicious cheating apps can make Warzone fans vulnerable to harmful code that spreads and installs malware.

Participants in this event are chosen because they usually have a powerful platform that criminals used to mine cryptocurrency in the past. Usually, they record hackers in the game, and Activision seems to take this issue very seriously, which deserves their praise. Half of the 1,000,000 funds blocked may be large-scale, indicating that the defense organization cannot afford the difficulty of deception.

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