‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Writer Kim Eun-sook on Board for ‘Scripting Your Destiny’

‘Scripting Your Destiny’ is a new Korean romance series. A fate deciding God (Shin Ho Yoon) steals ideas from a mortal scriptwriter (Go Che Kyung) to write a romantic fate. Little does he know that he starts having feelings for her. With such a quirky story, fans have already created a lot of buzz around it.

What’s more astounding is that the writer of the highly acclaimed show ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ will be writing the script for this show too. Yes, scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook is on board with the team of ‘Scripting Your Destiny.’ The show will air on March 26, 2021.

Who is Kim Eun-sook?

She is a South Korean scriptwriter, who has done some amazing work with her ideas for TV shows and movies. She is currently working on two shows, i.e. Scripting Your Destiny, and The Glory which is yet to be announced. Last year she was appreciated for her writing in The King: Eternal Monarch.

'Descendants Of The Sun' Writer Kim Eun-sook on Board for 'Scripting Your Destiny'

Some of her best-known works are Descendants of The Sun(2016) and The Heirs (2013). She has been awarded the Best Screenplay for Descendants of The Sun and a lifetime achievement award.

Director on Working With Sook

This not director Kim Byung-soo’s first project with Sook. Byung highly praises sook saying that “Kim Eun-sook made a difference by helping us a lot. She gave ideas from  starting of arranging the series.” He further added saying, ” She gave us a part of exhortation on the common flow and tone of the show. This would make the watchers happy and glued to the TV.”

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She even came up with some amazing, unique ideas during their table reading session of the script. He even told the reporters how this show does not have any annoying comical characters and no villains either.

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