Destiny 2: Season of The Chosen, Everything you Need to know about it

A new season of Destiny has been announced by the makers and the new season is the Season of Chosen. Destiny season 2 was released on 9th February 2021 and will run till 11th of May 2021.

Players in this season will be able to earn new gears and make new strikes, can fight for honor on the battleground.

What all you get with Destiny Season 2 pass?

The Destiny Season 2 pass will provide access to the sundial 6 player match made activities. It will also have updated 100 ranks every ten-week for both premium and free track.

Progress can be earned from old XP so that the player won’t need to change his/her playing style to get rewards. The players will get new weapon frames and Saint-14 quest line access. One can see the update and the score on Bungie’s official website.

Destiny 2: Season of The Chosen, Everything you need

How does Season of Destiny 2 works?

Season of destiny 2 separates the time zones into different time frames. With each new season, the player will get a new storyline and a new set of activities. It also adds on new weapons and other new swords. With every level up, different perks are given in different seasons. It depends upon the theme of the new season.

Destiny 2: Season of The Chosen, Everything you need to know about it


The seasons usually last for 10 months and the pass will cost around $10.

Will there be a Destiny 3?

The game director has only announced three major expansions for the game firstly, Beyond Light, second The Witch Queen, and third one Lightfall.

There is no sign of a third season but the makers and the director, Luke Smith have expressed that they will observe the game for few months and will do and update it as per the need.

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