Everything about Sophie Turner and her Love Life

Sophie Belinda Jonas is an American actress who made her debut with an epic fantasy series Game of thrones. She played a supporting role in the series whose name was Sansa Stark on HBO.

Even received a Primetime Emmy Award Nomination for the best-supporting actress in the drama. And she was born on 21 February 1996. She married Joe Jonas in 2019 and gave birth to Willa Jonas.

Relationship Journey for Sophie and Joe Jonas

Sophie started dating Joe in 2016 and was met through a common or mutual friend. Soon after in 2016 only these two started dating and on 1 January 2017 became an official Instagram couple. With a diamond ring worth $150000, Joe officially proposed to Sophie in 2017. In 2019, after Billboard Music Awards, both got married in Las Vegas with a surprise ceremony.

The couple was live on Instagram throughout the ceremony and their fans also got some glimpse of the same. A few months later, they organized a formal wedding celebration in France and went on not only one but two exotic honeymoons. Willa Jonas, daughter of Sophie and Joe was welcomed in July 2020.

Everything about Sophie Turner and her Love Life

Sophie Turner Dating History

Sophie’s first celebrity boyfriend was James McVey lead Guitarist from The Vamps. Their relationship ended over a Twitter argument. As per some sources, it might be possible that it started as a joke and became more serious gradually. Their shortly lived relationship ended in summer 2014.

She then got spotted with the co-actor Thomas Mann from barely Lethal. Everyone assumed that they were dating when Sophie shared a photo of them on her Instagram profile with the caption Dating. 

Some of the people also think that it was just a publicity stunt or a way to promote their upcoming film. No clear signs of their relationship were found and so, the media is not sure about the period, or when their relationship started and ended. 

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Another dating rumor was aired of Sophie with the co-star Tye Sheridan from X-Men in 2015 but it was also short-lived. In 2016 Sophie met Joe via a mutual friend and fell in love.

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