Henry Cavill DCEU Role in DANGER, after Reports He’s Not Returning in Shazam 2 & Superman 2

If you are a fan of the Superman and Shazam series then this article gonna be a little heartbreaking for you. Recently, DCEU has confirmed that Henry Cavill doesn’t return in the upcoming projects of DCEU. In this article we are going to discuss about the reason behind it and if there any chance of him to return?

In previous years we see that Henry Cavill played the role of Superman in DCEU. He debuted in 2003 as  Superman in  Man of Steel. After that he played the role in Justice League 2017. But what happened, that’s why he can’t return?

The reason behind why he is not returned

At first the shoemakers confirmed that Henry Cavill played the role of Superman in their upcoming movie Shazam 2. But later, they revealed that they didn’t retain Henry in this film. But they didn’t disclose the real reason behind this. Some rumors say that Henry chooses Fury of the Gods as his first choice.

It was because a cameo by Superman was seen in the first film. So it’s clear that Henry didn’t play this character. David F. Sandberg, the director of the show, tweet to explain the whole incident. He tell that Henry was set to feature in the first film but in the midway, nothing works properly. Then they decided to portray the role by someone with a half shot of Superman. He also says, he didn’t interested to answer any kind of rumors regarding it.

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You can also check the Twitter account of David F. Sandberg to read what actually he speaks.

Is there any chance of return of Harry in future

To be honest, the incident happened very recently. So, he has not proper information regarding this. That’s why it’s too early to predict his returning in the upcoming movie of DCEU.

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