From Chris Pratt to Jeremy Renner: The Most Hated MCU Actor and Why So

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most fan-favorite and loved movie production franchise. With superhero movies ranging in all genres, possessing powers we cannot even believe would exist, and coming up with blockbusters each year, the franchise has had tremendous growth in the show business.

Among the most grossing movies of all time is the Avengers, a multi-star  MCU production that is truly a favorite. Successful in bring out the talents of the actors and bringing new people, actors, into the spotlight, MCU has won people’s hearts over and over again.

But like all things in the shown spectrum, MCU has got its fall too at times in the characters it has portrayed and at times in the actors too. Unfortunately, some quite talented actors like Chriss Pratt to Jeremy Renners also fall into this and their acting skills and yet questioned again. 

Fans of the franchise do have reasons of their own for putting these actors under the unfavorable list and read on to find out what these maybe!

Chris Pratt

Just like with Jennifers, Hollywood is truly abuzz with Chris- we got Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt and more to come perhaps, but among all of these superstar actors, Chris Pratt was voted the least favorite. 

Even though those who voted could have had reasons of their own, there is nothing of sure as of now why he was voted the least favorite. The American actor known for his cute looks has a cult fan following though. 

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As all this end well, a couple of actors like Mark Ruffalo, superstar Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, and director James Gunn all came in support of these hate speech being there for each other truly.

From Chris Pratt to Jeremy Renner: The Most Hated MCU Actor and Why So

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner has not failed to be in the news with his many controversial remarks and allegation. Being an actor with no so great reputation with all sorts of allegations leveled against him, he has been in the news all for the wrong reasons.

The custody controversy concerning his daughter is one of those which put him under the hawks’ eyes, and Sonni Pacheco reported that he had allegedly put a gun in his mouth and threatened to kill him. 

With actors being the outside window for the fans, such allegations assist him, much like the amazing Jhonny Depp has put him in a questionable position with hate speech following the cult.

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