WandaVision Episode 6: Who is Controlling Wanda, Release Date, Preview and Spoilers

The new episode of Disney+ Original series dropped on Friday, quickly leaving fans awe-struck. WandaVision just showed that Wanda has an insane amount of power, and looked like she had been using only a small portion of her power during the movies. The latest episode picked up from the last episode, where Wanda and Vision welcomed their twin babies while SWORD had first-person info about Westview.

Wanda and Vision’s toddlers are also growing rapidly, much like Wanda’s pregnancy. The twin boys, Tommy and Billy suddenly grow up to 5 years old, surprising even Wanda. Later, they found a dog and wishes to take care of it as a family. But, Wanda and Vision tell them they cannot take care of the dog and ask them to wait until 10 years old. The boys then again age up to 10 years old and keep the dog with them.

Disney+ has been premiering new episodes of the web television series every Friday starting from January 15. Last episode, On a Very Special Episode…, aired on February 5, 2021. Hence, the next episode, which is the sixth, will premiere on the streaming platform next Friday on February 12, 2021. Matt Shakman, who has been directing all episodes of the series, will potentially return to direct the sixth episode.

WandaVision Episode 6 Preview

Fans are enjoying the thrilling show as the show is getting better with every new episode. Vision suspects that everything is not what the things appeared to be. The episode hinted that despite Wanda is controlling thousands of residents on Westview, she cannot control Vision. Vision reads the email from S.W.O.R.D. revealing the situation at Westview. He even reads the original mind of Norm, who pleas him to save him.

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Meanwhile, S.W.O.R.D. sends a drone with a missile inside the Westview. However, Wanda discovers and takes the drone outside the static field and confronts Hayward. She subsequently warns him not to interfere and sets a stronger field around the Westview. Vision later confronts her and tells her that he doesn’t remember his identity and life prior to Westview.

Wanda responds to him that she doesn’t know how she got there in the first place. Just when they were arguing, someone rings the bell. Wanda’s dead brother appears at the door, surprising Wanda. However, the brother who appeared isn’t the one who died in Age of Ultron. Darcy notes that the brother is a recast.

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