MacGyver Season 5 Episode 1: Mac and the Team Faces More Trouble in Season 5 Premiere on Friday

The popular action-adventure television series, McGyver is finally returning after ten months and a deadly pandemic. CBS abruptly ended the fourth season due to the coronavirus pandemic after several productions were suspended across the country. The fourth season ended on episode 13, even though the producers and CBS previously planned for 20 episodes season. McGyver’s production team had already completed filming the additional six episodes before the production halt.

CBS renewed the television show for the fifth season on May 6, 2020. Following the official renewal, the showrunners and CBS later decided to end the season with on the CODEX story arc. The already filmed six episodes will move into the fifth season and continue the rest of the story. McGyver Season 5 will premiere on CBS at 8 pm EST on December 4, 2020. Avi Youabian will direct the season premiere titled Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness, which is written by Stephanie Hicks.

McGyver and the team has finally taken down the CODEX

In the previous season finale, McGyver and his team are finally convinced that they have taken down the CODEX. CODEX is a mysterious eco-terrorist organization founded back in the 1940s. The dangerous organization has been up and running by someone, whom McGyver knew from his past. It is none other than his aunt, Gwendolyn Hayes (Gwen), who presumably died a long time ago. The operatives seemingly succeed in taking down the organization following the death of his aunt in the finale episode.

However, the troubles with the mysterious organization are far from over. The organization has somehow suffered a major blow, but McCgyver knows that the battle is still not over. In the upcoming episode, the team will continue searching for the information regarding CODEX. Mac and his team infiltrate a luxurious hotel in the fifth season premiere where they believe that an informant is staying, who holds crucial lead on CODEX. But, it won’t be easy locating the target because he holds a new secret identity.

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