Digimon Adventure Episode 27 Release Date confirmed

Digimon franchise has come up with its eighth anime series Digimon Adventure, which is also the reboot of the first 1999 anime series. There is already a lot happening in this new series making it more exciting for the Otaku to watch. Episode 27 of Digimon is yet to come and fans are excited to know what will happen next.

Release Date and Synopsis of Episode 27

Digimon adventure has already completed 26 episodes, and now the next episode is releasing soon. Episode 27 will be airing on December 6, 2020.

“To a New Continent” the title of episode 27. In this episode, we will be seeing that Taichi’s young sister Hikari arrives at El Doradimon. Taichi is shocked to see her, and Hikari does not have an explanation of why she came. Meanwhile, the peril is not over in the real world. A rocket that was supposed to launch malfunctions due to a drawback in the system and blasts. The whole continent has a black electrical discharge, and Koshiro comes to the conclusion that the problem lies in the Digital world. And to know the rest of the story, episode 27 will air this Sunday.

In the Previous Episodes of Digimon Adventure

The climax part of this anime is finally here as Matt and Tai were clashing against a Devimon that was not there in the original 1999 series. They defeated the Devimon, and now weird things are happening across the world.

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Koshiro comes up with a counterstrategy to end the trouble caused by Zurumon. Meanwhile, a fight between Ebidramon and Seadramon occurs. Seadramon defeats the opponent and starts consuming it. The Seadramon evolves into WaruSeadramon in front of Taichi and others. WaruSeadramon now strikes Taichi and the group attempting to prey on them. After the battle gets over and Taichi and the group are safe, Taichi notices that his young sister Hikari has joined them.

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