Sundays IPL Matches Two Ties and Three Super Overs


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The Indian Premier League kicked off in early September this year. Usually, the IPL is held in March and April. However, due to the coronavirus, the tournament was delayed. The postponement of the tournament along with the change of venues has to lead to some devaluation of the cup. Traditionally it was always held in India however this time around it has been held in UAE. This however has not affected the quality of the tournament. With this Sunday we say two matches that were tied. Along with the two ties we also saw for the first time in international cricket that a match had 2 super overs. This match was played between Punjab and Mumbai.

Both teams are polar opposites. With one of them at the top of the pool while the other is at the rock bottom of the same. It was a thrilling contest between bat and ball. With it ending with Punjab winning. A massive confidence booster. For Puinjab who despite having played great cricket have not been winning a lot of matches. This is rather strange as Punjab has played many close games with two ties. It has also defeated the teams right at the top pf the pool. Mumbai on the other hand have a great run rate and are comfortably sitting right at the top of the pool


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