Robert Pattinson vs Ben Affleck, Who’ll be the Future of Batman in DCEU

From starting warner Brothers have established the DCEU as the multiverse. It’s in the name as EU stand from Extended Universe. With more than a handful of movies and many, many TV shows, DC is setting up the extended Universe for a long time now.

One of the main problems with DC is they are trying to adapt the Marvel Cinematic Universe theme. DC comics are different in a number of ways from MCU.

Although Marvel established its multiverse in Doctor Strange, DC has been establishing it from the time of Michael Keaton, which according to the report will appear in Andrés Muschietti, The Flash. Ben Affleck also left the DCEU after Justice League but he will also return in this movie.

Robert Pattinson vs Ben Affleck, Who'll be the Future of Batman in DCEU

The Batman and The Flash Darkseid Storyline

Matt Reeves’s The Batman has Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in his new adaptation of the character. Which of course merge with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

But, we think it won’t be a problem for the sorry as multiverse can solve a lot of problems with both storylines as well as the timeline for the movies. Ben Affleck is also returning to be Batman in The Flash as the news suggested and Andrés Muschietti also hinted at this in an interview.

Also, in Crisis on Infinite Earths, we saw both the flash, Grant Gustin’s version, and Ezra Miller’s version together in a scene that hinted at the multiverse colliding with each other.

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Robert Pattinson vs Ben Affleck, Who'll be the Future of Batman in DCEU

And for Ben Affleck, we all remember the dream sequence from Justice League which hinted at a little story of Flash traveling back in time. Although there are only fan predictions for this storyline.

Which Actor will be the Future of Batman

For both the actors. they both will be in the new DCEU movies as there’s a chance both of the universes can collide to fight a villain. and also the Michael Keaton’s version will be in this too.

As well as Grant Gustin’s version of flash can appear in the movie to set up the universe of Flash future movies as well as Batman’s solo movies. DCEU has planned many movies like Marvel.

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