Comparison between the all time greats Ford Mustang and Porsche 911.


The Ford Mustang and the Porsche 911 both the cars have been in front of my eyes since forever. Both the cars were introduced in the year 1964 and since then road enthusiasts have been trying to turn both these beasts into road racing and rally cars. Apparently, the Carroll Shelby’s Mustangs and Porsche’s early 911 models were seen as the most famous among these two car designs. And now as another half of a decade has passed the successors of both Mustang and the 911 are still flying on the roads. And as of today, I think there is no better model than the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT and the 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S. For regular drivers both cars have a lot to offer. I am personally more familiar with the Mustang Shelby model as compared to the 911s. 

Speaking of the specification of the Mustang Shelby the updated 2019 version has more sporty tires, stiffer springs, and better shock absorbers along with some improved aerodynamics and most important lessons learned from the previous models. 

Striking features:

The 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S looks very much like its predecessors, from the outside. But the interiors have been replaced by aluminium skin which makes it lighter and faster. The forward-mounted engine of 9/11 has been a forever highlight of this beast. And the recent upgrades in the engines have made this beast to cross 400 horsepower. 

The technology is behind both the Machines has been through a different approach but on the road, they both can be seen giving tough competition to each other.  The car design of 911 reminds me of the German cars from the early 20th century. Still, it is bizarre that Mustang has an older design among these two. As much as the technologies of both cars are highly updated.

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Porsche has focused on the most advanced technologies to make its 911s faster in a straight line and more athletic around the turns and corners. Also, the 911 have a lighter body due to its aluminium interiors and the centre of gravity is very low to keep its downforce stable. There are many car enthusiasts and reporters who have praised this car. A twin-turbo flat engine is very thrilling. The gear shifting looks like a telepathic quality in the car, and the difference between the power of first and eighth gear makes it versatile.

But, the supporters of Mustang Shelby are mostly the retro and old school lovers. On one hand, where 911 has offered the latest 21st-century technology, the Mustang on the other hand has 20th-century aesthetics. The machinery is updated to the latest and most powerful V-8 engines in mustang connected to a six-speed manual. The vibe still reminds us of the previous 20th-century models.

The main core power of Mustang resides in the V-8 engines which makes this beast fly on roads. The handling of Shelby is also smooth and athletic like the Porsche 911. Still, the wheels of Shelby are more sensitive in temperament than the 911. But well-balanced handling overall is offered. The fact can never be denied by anyone that, the Mustang has a much more muscular body than the 911 or any other car. The design is clear and precise. Looking at a Mustang can fill a car enthusiast with different emotions. The Mustang is a true beast. 

In Conclusion:

The most significant aspect that sets the two vehicles apart is their price. Certainly, both cars are expensive, but the Mustang is more affordable and easily available to the public among the two. Keeping the price factor aside, the Porsche 911 has an edge over the Shelby. But this is widely accepted the fact that Mustang will forever be counted among the best Fords ever made. 

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