The latest Nuraphone headphones include a gaming microphone

Now the Nuraphone wireless headphones can become wired. The company inculcated a new gaming microphone into set for the gamers to get the best experience. The gaming microphones convert the wireless headset into a wireless gaming headset.

The headphones can be plugged into anything if they have a 3.5 mm jack. This means you can connect them to PCs, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and modern console controllers.

The connection is easy. The boom microphones connect to a trademarked port at the bottom of the right earcup of the Nuraphone headphones.

How to attach it?

Somewhere down the cable you can see an inline remote with volume controls and a mic mute switch. Next you need to update your Nuraphone app. After that is finished, just plug them in and enjoy! These Bluetooth headphones are now officially a wired gaming headset. But if you prefer wireless headsets, this might be slightly disappointing to you. By the way, there is also a secure hook to make sure the microphone stays in place.

Moreover, for the wired mode, the headphones make use of the same unique hearing profile which is active when you are connected to a phone through Bluetooth. You can enjoy this new feature just by updating your app. And this makes the latest Nuraphone headphones a solid pick for gaming enthusiasts. The profile customised according to you and makes up for any hearing weaknesses you have. Plus, it allows you to chat with your friends. There is even the aspect of a little noise cancellation whenever you plug in. For your information, the headphones come with noise cancellation but sadly the mic does not.

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Are they worth purchasing?

You can toss in the gaming microphone in your purchases too if you have already bought the headphones. They are worth purchasing. Apparently, reviews say that the microphone works exactly as expected. The audio is very punchy but still balanced somehow. It is very detailed and nuanced than in any other gaming set. The effect is unusually real.

Earlier, the Nuraphone headphones have everything you need. Premium sound quality and the best audio experience. But there was only the absence of a microphone, which is now fulfilled in a different way.

The price tag is slightly expensive but you get a lot of benefits

The price tag here is $400. But that is sort of a given, taking the amazing and high-quality features into account. And the microphone costs a $60 separately. A total of $460 is a good yet slightly expensive deal for a gaming headset.

But if you look at the bright side, it is not just a simple gaming set (in case you get it).

They are a pair of high-end headphones with premium sound quality and active noise cancellation. Plus they can be used for any purpose like listening to music and to Netflix and chill.

So what are you waiting for?! Hurry up and check the Huraphone headphones now!

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