Apex Legends brings cross-play and a new limited-time mode in their new event, Aftermath


Fans of Apex Legends have always wanted this feature to be added to their favorite game. And, finally, they have been heard. Apex legend has announced that they are going to add a cross-play feature in the game. This feature will currently be in beta mode. Cross-play is the feature that allows players to connect and play with their friends across different platforms.

Cross-Play beta will allow players to party up and play together across different platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and Origin. Other platforms like Steam will be supported in the future. Cross-Play will be enabled by default.

However, Apex Legend has said that they do not want PC players to match up against console players. So, PC players will be playing against PC players. But, if an Xbox or a PS player party up with a PC player, they will play in PC matches. This would ensure that PC players don’t play in console matches.

And if you disable the cross-play feature, you will be matched up with only those players who have also disable. This, however, would surely result in long queue times, as this feature is enabled by default.

New limited-time mode – Flashpoint

This is the new LTM that will be introduced in the Aftermath. And it seems quite interesting.

So, in Flashpoint the healing system has been changed. There won’t be any healing items in the match. Instead, there will be these areas known as Flash Ponts. In Flash Point, you can regenerate your health and shield over time and get back to fighting. These points are massive zone dotted around towns in King Canyon. These Flash Points will surely be the hotspot in this mode. And should make for some interesting multi-squad battles.

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Limited time Cosmetics and Rewards

This event is also bringing 24 limited-time cosmetics. These items will be available in Event Apex Packs and also through direct purchase. Each Event Pack will give you one event item and two non-event items.

Other than this, Special Offer Bundles will give you event cosmetics and packs at a discount rate. You can grab a variety of rare stuff through apex coins. The event will also introduce daily challenges to compete and win prizes.

So, to sum it up Aftermath is bringing quite a lot of interesting things to the game and I am pretty sure Apex fans are going to love it.

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