Smash Bros Ultimate new fighter UNVEILED: Minecraft’s Steve is DLC character 7

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character 7 was revealed in a YouTube announcement today. Masahiro Sakurai himself made the announcement.

The Minecraft builder follows the footsteps of Arms’s Min Min, who launched Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2.

On Thursday, October 1 Ninty will reveal the latest character for Fighters Pass 2. This will feature in challenger pack 7 – during a brief YouTube announcement.

Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai will announce the latest character in a three minute YouTube video.

The news arrived on Wednesday by the Nintendo of Europe Twitter who posted: “The next #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter will be revealed tomorrow at 16:00 CEST! The reveal video will be roughly 3 minutes long, and will be followed by a brief message from director Masahiro Sakurai.”

The last SSBU DLC character that was released was Min Min from Arms. With that fighter the opening challenger pack for Fighters Pass 2.

If you want to tune into the upcoming Smash Bros fighter reveal then click here to be directed to the YouTube page you need to be headed to.

There are plenty of rumours swirling around as to who could be the next DLC fighter for SSBU.

But the most recent leaks claim that Tracer from Overwatch could be the next Fighters Pass character for SSBU.


These rumours come courtesy of a now-deleted GameFaqs post penned by Slayersfan. Slayersfan is a leaker that predicted two Overwatch skins which were released in 2019.

According to the leak, an agreement between Nintendo and Blizzard for Tracer to appear in Smash Bros was reached earlier this year. But plans got held up due to the pandemic.

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Fighters Pass 2 will be the final DLC season released for Super SSBU. And there have been plenty of rumours surrounding which characters could feature.

Crash Bandicoot, Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, Minecraft’s Steve, Doomguy, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry’s Dante are other characters that the rumours suggest could be getting the DLC treatment in Smash.

But those rumours about Waluigi and Geno looks set to stick around. At least until these much-demanded characters get added to Smash Bros.

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