Ultimate Ears’ Latest Innovation UE FITS true wireless earbuds provide a snug fit

We generally use the silicone ear tips that come along with our earbuds. These are available in small, medium, and large sizes. We settle for the size that best fits our ears and provides the best audio experience. If you want to get the best out of your earbud listening, you need to have the one that is personalized according to your ear contour. And also, which provides the maximum comfort and best listening experience.

How are the UE FITS earbuds unique?

The UE FITS true wireless earbuds are the one for you. They offer the exact feel described above without you needing to go to an ear doc to get an ear mould.

New UE Fits true wireless earbuds can mold to your ear shape for a perfect fit - The Verge

These have gel-filled tips which, via a 60-second process initiated on your smartphone, will permanently harden in your ears.

The company said in the press release:

“This personalized fit provides wearable comfort free of pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use. UE Fits also offer superior passive noise isolation as the fitted tips create a natural seal that blocks ambient noise.”

Let me brief you on what to do. Firstly, you need to download the UE FITS app for Android or iPhone to get started. The app starts the process that uses “Lightform technology”. When integrated with embedded LEDs in the earbuds, it will harden the tips according to your ear contours in about a minute. They remain that way, once they are hardened.

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Regarding the sound, the earbuds are said to have 10 mm drivers. These are supposed to offer a sound which is “full, warm, and detailed, with deep, tight punchy bass”.

Other interesting features

It has an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours. If you add in the charging case, make it 20 hours. It will be available in three colours grey, navy, and lilac purple.

Also, the customers get a 30-day perfect fit satisfaction assurance. Moreover, the UE FITS wireless buds are sweat-proof and water-resistant. Plus, they provide for SBC, AAC, and Apt-X Bluetooth codecs. Not only personalize your fit, but you can also you the UE FITS app to personalize the earbud controls.

Availability and Price Tag

Want to know about the price and availability? Well, these UE FITS wireless earbuds will cost you $249. The shipping shall start around fall. But this, unfortunately, is only for the residents of the USA.

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