FIFA 21 EA Play: Launch date, early access start time, Xbox and PS4 countdown.. Read more here

The FIFA 21 EA is scheduled to be released this week. The gaming enthusiasts are waiting in excitement so they can download the EA Play free trial on Xbox and PS4.

Previously coined as the EA Access, the subscription service of EA Play offers a limited-time version of the game before of its official inauguration.

Apart from getting early access to the FIFA 21 game, you can also download and enjoy numerous games through the Vault. Some of them are Rocket Arena, NFS Heat, Battlefield V and Fe.

EA finally respond to rumors of FIFA 21 delay | Dexerto

Limitations are a given

Developers EA Sports has stated that the early access period for the game will begin on October 1st of this year. But still, all these do come with a certain set of limitations. The issue is that these trials are available only as long as ten hours. This means that you cannot make huge progress in the game.

But on the Brightside, your stats and achievements are carried on to the complete version. In this way, when you decide to purchase the game you can continue from wherever you left off.

On the other hand, no FIFA demo is being released on PS4 and Xbox One in this present year. But you can get involved in a few other ways too.

Pre-ordering comes with its own benefits

If you pre-order the FIFA 21 Champions Edition you are offered many amazing perks like 3 days Early Access. This implies that you can begin to enjoy the game from October 6th. Otherwise, using the FIFA 21 Web App you can log in and have your fun.

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For those who do not know, FIFA 21 Web App allows you to easily manage your FUT team on the go. Using this, you can organize your squad and manage who to buy. Plus, it generally gives extra ways to unlock packs.

Release Date, Time, and Price

EA Play shall cost you £3.99 per month on both Xbox and PS4. Also if you wish to have a year-long subscription, you need to pay up £19.99 to access EA Play.

The FIFA 21 early access date has been confirmed for Thursday on October 1st. It will also be followed by a staggered launch on October 6th and October 9th.

The timing is said to be fixed for 4 pm BST in the UK, or 8 pm PDT if you are a resident of USA. This data is given by the EA Play countdown timer.


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