Alexandra Lukashenko; Sworn in as President of Belarus

Alexandra Lukashenko Secretly Sworn in As President of Belarus

Into his 6th term, Alexandra Lukashenko has been sworn in as President. He was sworn in, in a secret ceremony. he used the opportunity to speak against the protestors. These protestors have been calling out the reelection. Many of them believe that the action this team had been fraudulent. The inauguration which is typically announced in advance on a major state occasion and broadcasted was completed in the shadows. The worldwide broadcasting th ceremony is supposed to be done by law. However, paying no heed to this no such ceremony was held. The ceremony was a private one. The ceremony was held at the independence palace.

Lukashenko was quoted saying that this is a day of our victory a convincing and fateful one. A major opposition leader, Pavek Ltushko denounced the Presidents move. He even called for civil disobedience. Civil disobedience also called passive resistance. Is the refusal to obey the demands or commands of a government. Or even an occupying power. This is done without resorting to violence. Or even active measures of opposition. Its usual purpose is to force concessions. From the government or occupying power. Civil disobedience has been a major tactic and philosophy of nationalist movements. It is done in various countries.

Lushenko has been in power since 1994. His motorcade was shown arriving at the ceremony. He is however not recognized as a leader by many western countries. They refuse to acknowledge him. Many believe that all his authority is dictated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia and China re the only major countries that seem to be openly acknowledging him as the President of Belarus. Along with the western country, many of his own citizens do not recognize him as their rture leader. Most believe he is corrupt and rigs elections.


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