Kit Kat In Japan: You Would Be Surprised To Know !!


Kit Kats showed up in Japan in 1973, more than 50 years after they were first imagined in England by the chocolate producer Rowntree’s. From that point forward, the nation has developed to turn into the brand’s greatest buyer as far as the two deals and benefits, with Nestle as the present-day proprietor. From accommodation stores to Kit Kat marked boutiques in Tokyo and Osaka, the sweet treats can be found for all intents and purposes at each turn. The “smaller than normal,” a scaled-down rendition of the treats, at present, leads as the most famous form, with deals surpassing 4,000,000 bars each day.

The story starts with the sweets’ name, which seems like the Japanese expression Kitto Katsu, signifying “you will without a doubt win.” truth be told, Nestle perceived that Kit Kat deals flooded each year, as the pieces of candy were being given to students as a good karma nibble before taking their Japanese college placement tests. In 2009, Nestle collaborated with Japan’s postal assistance to dispatch a crusade permitting customers to mail confections alongside composed notes from 20,000 post workplaces across Japan. Out of nowhere, well-wishers were sending a huge number of pieces of candy to understudies sitting for the test.

The crunchy chocolate wafers likewise developed in notoriety around the turn of the thousand years, when Nestle Japan started trying different things with an assortment of new flavours so as to improve deals. The main new flavour to rise was strawberry, which was discharged during the strawberry season in Hokkaido. From that point onward, sudden flavours, numerous with a local accentuation, have become a Kit Kat signature in Japan.

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The company revealed that in deciding on their flavours, they think of every region in japan and check whether those flavours work with kit kat or not before proceeding with the production. Since 2000 Nestlé has introduced over 300 different flavours. The interesting flavours range from green tea, soy sauce, cherry blossom, sake and ginger ale. Some of the most famous flavours include –

  • Kit kat chunkie cookie dough
  • Japanese kit kat azuki bean
  • White crème
  • Mint + dark chocolate
  • Lemon crisp
  • Dark chocolate
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Brown sugar syrup
  • Original kit kat
  • Hokkaido melon
  • Otono – no – amasa raspberry
  • Japan sake

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