Top 5 websites to learn coding for free! Check them out here

Are you considering a career in coding? But you do not know anything and do not know where to start? Fear not. We have got you covered. We have listed out for you the top 5 platforms to learn coding. For free!

Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the best and popular websites out there to learn coding. They offer a huge range of courses from beginner’s programming to advanced language courses. Over 24 million have benefitted from the courses in this website. They use an interactive and interesting approach that lets you put into practice whatever you have learnt right away.

You can learn many languages on this platform such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and many more.


Codewars is a unique platform where you can learn coding via challenges. In here, each challenge is coined as a kata. You can sharpen your skills with some language you already know. Or else, you can learn a whole new language from the scratch.

As you keep on moving forward, the challenges keep getting tougher and harder to solve. This is a very good way to improve your problem-solving skills and methodologies.

Some languages you can learn are JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python etc.


Coursera supplies you with easy to comprehend and interactive coding tutorials and courses. These courses are taught by top professors at some of the leading universities. Therefore, you get the best information and knowledge from the best resources available. The courses are free. But if you need a certification, you need to pay some amount.

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IoT programming, Java, HTML and CSS are some of the many languages that you can learn from this platform.


edX is an enormous online course provider. More than 5 million students are currently under the network of edX. You can find what you are looking for in the Computer Science category. Some of the courses are paid, you can still gain enough knowledge from the free courses.

You can find courses and tutorials on languages like Java, jQuery, C++, SQL, Mobile App Development etc.

Khan Academy

This platform is also one of the greatest online learning platform. If you want to enrich your skills and knowledge in coding, this is the place for you to be. You csn discover all kinds tutorials ranging from a novice to a superior. Plus, only experts teach the course.

Some languages you can master through Khan Academy include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases and many more.

These are simply a few needles from the haystack. There are lot more platforms out there which offer many courses similar to these. Do not hesitate to give your best with these sources!

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