Background tabs to unload automatically: The latest feature of Microsoft Edge

Do you have a habit of keeping a million tabs open in your browser? You are mostly advised by people to get a better CPU with a higher RAM right? It is a known fact that too many browser tabs can consume too much RAM and slow down your CPU and system. Now that would be really annoying, wouldn’t it?

Well, you do not have to agonize over that matter anymore.

Microsoft is currently working on a feature to solve your problem. It is coined “Sleeping Tabs” and is meant for the Edge Browser. This brand-new feature will put all your background apps to sleep and you can work in peace. Therefore, you can save your precious resources too.

This is available for Windows and Mac under the flag Enable Sleeping Tabs in Edge Canary 87.0.643.0.

Customize it as you wish

You can manipulate it in your own way. Microsoft gives you the ability to set the timer on the tabs. This indicates for how long the tabs will be put to sleep. For the browser to do this action automatically, the tabs must remain inactive for at least 15 minutes. The maximum time you can set the timer for inactivity is for up to 12 hours. You do not like setting the timer? Want the tabs to be unloaded immediately? You can do that too!

Furthermore, you can even include particular websites as an exemption. You can customize your settings in any way you want. If you do not want to put certain tabs to sleep, you have control over that. So you can do that.

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More evolved than Google Chrome’s Tabs Freeze feature

Are you a Google Chrome user? Then you must know the Tabs Freeze feature. Since it works just like this. It automatically freezes the tabs if they remain inactive for a particular period of time. Microsoft sleeping tabs is, as you can see, similar to that of Chrome’s but more advanced.

Still, the Sleeping Tabs highlight is still a work in progress. Hence it is not yet available for Edge Stable users. If you want to have a glance at the feature and experience it, you can go for the Edge Canary version and enable the sleeping tabs feature and enable the flag.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open your Edge Canary browser.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Navigate to System.

After you have navigated to this page you can enable the flag. Also you can set the inactivity timer as you like. After the flag is enabled you need to restart your browser to see the changes in effect.

If you wish to reactivate a tab, just click on it. You can pick up just where you left it off.


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