Classic Gameboy developed with unlimited battery power

One of the greatest dreams of the children from the 1990s now seems to be true. The researchers at the Delft University of Technology at northwestern University have indicated the future of battery-free devices. Sustainable giving is seen to be near in the future. Instead of using the hazardous battery if which ultimately ended up in Gum and landfills and are very costly. We need to look for a solution to using green energy.

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The research results:

The retro classic game of the game boy is being developed for use without battery. Urban multiple solar panels set up around the screen and the placing of buttons provides another source of power. However, the making of such a model requires a lot of scientific-technical and computational skills. A few glitches between the gameplay can be seen due to the Interchange of power sources in the game.

But the researchers have induced energy efficiency in the software. Certainly, this technology is under development. On a sunny day and in the games which require some considerable amount of clicking button this game was seen to be lagging every 1 second of 10 seconds. Which can be considered playable in some games but not all. However, it can be stated that the game boy is made battery-free. Still, there is a long-lasting Research and great minds to work on to make the 21st-century high-end games to become battery-free. But the making of the battery-free game boy has shown us the way to a more sustainable giving future. Batteries have always been hazardous for the environment and their disposable pollute their surroundings.

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