Apple watch new Family setup feature requires no iPhone

Apple Watch went on sale for the first time in 2015 and it was well established that this accessory will only be available for Apple phones. But now Apple has stated that it will start manufacturing its smartwatches for the people who don’t own an iPhone. A newly installed feature which is known as the family setup is aimed towards creating an environment for children and adults using the Smartwatch. this feature will clear the use of Apple watch to exchange their GPS location text and their phone calls. Without the use of an iPhone.

Apple Watch: Family Settings feature requires no iPhone, a first

Event Details:

On an event on Tuesday Apple representatives highlighted a new step towards making their ecosystem broader. Till now there was a strict condition of connecting your apple watch with your iPhone. The family setup feature will be developed by Apple which will be meant for the owners of Apple Watch without an iPhone. This feature will be included in the subsequent release of the Apple watch. Although this feature will require one administrator who needs to hold and iPhone. That administrator will be able to control all the other household devices. Once this administrator is connected the watch will have its connection and number. It will be the first time that Apple watch will fulfill the stand-alone mobile phone feature on your wrist.

Apple’s stand:

The COO of Apple described this feature will increase the customers inside the ecosystem of Apple. It will also make the first Apple purchase of a person less expensive hence cooking more people inside the ecosystem. 24.5 billion dollars in 2019 was reported as the revenue of total Apple watches. Its growth is about 25.3 % per year in terms of the number of units. and also Apple ships more watches worldwide than any other company. Currently, the feature is geared towards the parents. The Apple Watch SE is the least expensive watch that supports this feature. Which costs around 329 dollars. It will require more charge to activate the LTE version in the watch. And for the time being, this feature is targeted towards the savvy parents.

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It will help the parents to get in a real-time connection with their children. It was since the beginning when Apple started selling the iPod. They aimed to people into their ecosystem by providing them a more versatile product at first. and it was more recently that the iPhone was taken into the ecosystem. It can now be seen that the most prominent feature of this device can only be used with the other accessories sold by the company.

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