Here’s the PhoneSoap the Phone Sanitizer: Different variants explained

The company claims that the device can kill 99.99% of airborne viruses and destroy particles smaller than HEPA filters collect. HEPA filters collect particles of about 300 nanometres in size. So this gives a perspective of the device.

HEPA filters can also collect particles smaller as well as larger particles to that of the particles mentioned above, says NASA. For instance, the coronavirus sits between 60 nanometres to 140 nanometres.

PhoneSoap – What’s it?

Coming to PhoneSoap, it doesn’t have a HEPA filter. Instead, it consists of a collection of washable plates. These plates can be washed even using a dishwasher, said PhoneSoap. The device is capable of capturing viruses as small as 14.6 nanometres.

Reports say that a mobile phone contains harmful bacteria than a public toilet. Also, we keep our phones in warm places, which helps the bacteria to grow. Contact with food or similar thing, after using the phones is downright dangerous. Until now, washing mobile phones is a myth. Not anymore. The PhoneSoap takes care of this.

PhoneSoap 3:

The PhoneSoap 3 is the basic of the range at $79.95. It is capable of cleaning a smartphone in five minutes, using UV-C light.  A 360-degree disinfectant is available by having lights at the top and bottom. The device shuts off automatically after 10 minutes. So no issues of overheating, either. Black, Gold, and Aqua are the colors available.

PhoneSoap Go:

The PhoneSoap Go is a portable device, as the name suggests. It is lighter, doubles up as a power bank, and comes in a protective case. This device has a range of 45 sanitizing cycles. Indigo is the only available color. It is priced at $99.95.

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PhoneSoap Wireless:

The PhoneSoap Wireless comes with an in-built wireless charger. Place the device in the PhoneSoap without any wires dangling around. Still, the PhoneSoap should be connected to the electrical outlet. It is available in Gunmetal Gray or White. It can be had for $99.95.

PhoneSoap Pro:

It has twice as many bulbs as the basic PhoneSoap, means it can kill bacteria twice as fast. Also, available is Acoustic Passthrough feature, which allows to hear notifications while in sanitizing mode. It costs about $119.95.


HomeSoap is another device for cleaning larger products like household items like Nintendo switch, toys, controllers, etc. This top-of-the-line model retails at a rather expensive $199.95.


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