God of War 2 Ragnarok CONFIRMED at PS5 Launch Event, and Hints the End of the World in Sequel

Fans have been long waiting for the anticipated PlayStation 5 Launch Event over the past few months. Sony has finally organised the virtual showcase event and provided a glimpse of the upcoming next-generation console. The company also confirmed the release date and price of the upcoming gaming devices.

PlayStation 5 Showcase didn’t just reveal about the gaming console but also made several big announcements about upcoming PS5-exclusive games. The major revealtion were Final Fantasy XVI, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls Remake, Hogwarts Legacy, and God Of War Sequel. Yes, the company did show the first glimpse of the upcoming sequel of to 2018’s God of War.

The event announced a God of War sequel, but the event didn’t feature any sort of gameplay or even a short trailer. The only thing they showed was an icy God of War Omega logo. The logo clearly had Norse runes, and we could hear Kratos saying something. The game’s playable character, Kratos intones that (players) must prepare themselves as time draws near for the Ragnarok. The short video displayed the texts Ragnarok is coming and 2021, hinting the possible release date.

God Of War Sequel: Storyline

The God of War is loosely based on Norse mythology, and the word Ragnarok is quite familiar. The begging of Ragnarok apparently suggests the death of the Norse gods or the end of the world. The teaser clip in the event showed a text that read Ragnarok is Coming, which clearly suggests that the sequel will be the start of Ragnarök.

In the 2018’s God of War, Mímir warned Kratos that the three-year-long Fimbulwinter has started. Ragnarök shouldn’t have occurred for the next 100 years, but Ragnarök is now coming since the Fimbulwinter has begun.

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Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t confirmed the title for upcoming God of War sequel is actually Ragnarok. God of War director Cory Barlog tried to hint the official announcement earlier in the day after he changed his Twitter Avatar. Fans clearly ignored it because they didn’t realise a hint at that time.

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