GTA Online Weekly Update: 3X Rewards in Casino Work, Loot Diamonds in the Casino Heist, 2X Rewards in Stunt Races and More

Fans of the popular video game, GTA Online have been waiting for another weekly update and it is here with amazing and cool surprises. Last week, the Rockstar games introduced rewards in Sumo and Sumo Remix and had free 4/20 gifts, for those who logged on 20th April. This week, the developers have brought back the diamonds in the popular casino heists in GTA Online.

Triple Rewards in Casino Work

Rockstar Games announced with their new weekly update that the players will receive 3X rewards in Casino work.  If a player plays the game and does the Casino Work missions, then they can be rich quickly in the popular RPG. A player can get triple the cash and RP until April 28, 2021, while doing the Casino Work. You can do quite a variety of works around Los Santos to earn triple rewards this week.

The general idea to earn triple rewards this week is by making yourself more useful. For freshers, you will be helping Agatha Baker or property owner Tao Cheng. The family of Texan petrochemical magnates has eyes on Cheng’s property and investments and you need to protect Mr. Cheng and his staff from the villains. The tasks include protecting the staff from mercenaries or chauffeuring them around Los Santos.

Diamonds are coming back to the vault

This week, the players have another huge opportunity to be wealthy. Rockstar Games confirmed that there would be diamond delivery sometime this week in the casino vault. Players can rack some huge amount after looting the diamonds. The diamonds can make the players rich so quickly, and that’s why they will not keep the diamonds around the vault for a longer time.

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2X Rewards and the Annis RE-7B

The GTA 5 podium car for this week is a Japanese two-door endurance racing car, Annis RE-7B. This car has amazing specifications and is great for stunt races. Talking about stunt races, you can grab 2X rewards this week on stunt races. If you are lucky to win the Lucky Wheel this week, you can take home the RE-7B with few more lucrative rewards including brand-new clothing, GTA$, and mystery prizes.

If you participate in any Open Wheel Race this week, then your wardrobe will have a new item next week — the Open Wheel Sponsor Tee.

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