The all new MicroLED technology in LG’s new TV: launch date and more

The sizes of televisions are getting larger and larger every year. Companies like Sony Samsung and LG putting down the efforts to make their television’s smarter. Along with the introduction of Smart TV, the demand for slimmer and bigger TV increased.

About the Television:

LG has just introduced a TV to satisfy the needs of the people who are looking for a home cinema experience. This can surely be very good news for cinema freaks. But LG has announced this product for only the enterprise customers. The individuals who had the resources to buy TV may have to wait sometime before dreaming of putting this TV in their living room. The LG magnet TV is the first TV in the company which has the micro-LED display technology. Along with this it is of 163 inches and has the latest 4K resolution.

LG unveils 163-inch MicroLED TV

It has started to unpack in the markets of Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. according to LG the micro-LED display technology has a very wide viewing angle, displays more colorful images, and produces shopper pictures with its emissive micrometer-scale pixel technology. LG has used its black coating technology on the microLED display. That makes the screen anti-glare and anti-fingerprint along with resistance to dust moisture and external shocks. The LG Magnit TV also features an Alpha AI imaging processor. That helps the TV to analyze content in real-time. The Magnit runs on the LG’s webOS which can also be seen in the other smart TVs from the company.

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In Conclusion:

Any Millionaire reading this article who dreams of putting this TV in his or her living room must need to wait. LG has announced that this TV will be used only for commercial purposes. Exhibition halls, hotel lobbies and, convention centers along with other public places are the places where this TV can be seen. Previously Samsung has also launched its micro-LED technology TV which was known as the Wall Luxury. The Wall Luxury was meant to be a home friendly TV with 73 inches display and 2K resolution. Also, sony had made 63 feet 16k TV for a Japanese business which was also based on micro-LED technology.

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