Major updates by Xiaomi for Redmi note 7, Note 7 Plus and Note 7 Pro users:

Xiaomi Latest Updates for Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi had announced in early May that it would soon release an MIUI 12 update for these three devices. However, it took everyone by surprise by launching the all-new Android 10 version for Redmi note 7 boys also known as Xiaomi’s golden boy. The Redmi Note 7 is a powerful product boasting of a massive 6.3-inch display backed with a long-lasting battery of 4000mah.

Major updates by Xiaomi for Redmi note 7, Note 7 Plus and Note 7 Pro users:

The Redmi Note 7 is often referred to as Xiaomi’s golden boy because of the huge amount of sales it brought to the company. Since it’s release on January 10, 2019 the all famous Redmi note 7 in the first 6 months of its release had sold over 15 Million units.

Android 10:

The all-new android 10 was firstly a massive surprise for everyone as no one expected it before Xiaomi’s announcement. The much-awaited MIUI 12 was what people had put their money on. The android 10, is far from a disappointment, it brought various new features to the already all-powerful note 7.

  • Despite having an already impressive 48mp camera, the Xiaomi note 7 brought in a new pro model. Until now there have been no complaints of bugs or problems with the pro model.
  • To backup a powerful camera the android 10 version update brought out a gallery sky update which works wonders on the phone.
  • After these two the new update also brought out an aesthetic dark mode version for GMAIL.
  • It also brought in an updated navigation bar, however, this seems to have bugs, as it has received complaints from people as they have not been able to go to the recent apps with ease. Hopefully, Xiaomi looks into the issue soon.
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MIUI 12: 

This much-awaited 681 MB update was brought in by Xiaomi on around 12th August in India. This update seemed to be only more impressive than the previous android 10 one. With new and exciting changes the Redmi note 7 has us absolutely hooked to it.\

Major updates by Xiaomi for Redmi note 7, Note 7 Plus and Note 7 Pro users:

Some of the new and indulging features brought out by MIUI 12 are as follows:

  • Super wallpapers: Sounds electrifying doesn’t it, well, to say the least, this new feature is nothing less than a gift bestowed upon us. Its fun, new and relatively unheard of.
  • System animation: The MI light core animation has been added to the already near-perfect Redmi note 7 so as to make the software of the smoother. This in itself might be a massive game-changer and a big reason to go for the Redmi note 7.
  • Privacy: A new feature regarding the privacy protection of both your smartphone and your own activities has been added. This will help secure your phone from various cyber threats. It will help you stay aloof and secure from hazardous sources.

Last android upgrade?

Sources suggest that the android 10 upgrade might be the last such software update for the Redmi Note 7, Note 7 Pro and the Note 7 plus. However, this would not mean the end of the much-liked MIUI updates which will continue to come from time to time.

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