Rocket Report: Delta IV Heavy gets a new date, SpaceX to destroy test tank

The latest rocket report. The satellite sent into Orbit was the first in house designed and completely built by the company. The “first light” was deployed in the 14th electron emission of Rocket lab. On 31st of August from the launch Complex one in New Zealand, it lifted off. this indicated the evolution of the company into becoming an end-to-end spacecraft Solution company that has the potential to offer every single spacecraft component fall from a mere launch providing company.

ULA finds the cause of the dramatic Delta IV Heavy firing scrub. New date targeting

Details of the project

Now it can provide satellites for on Orbit release too. Chinese launch firm LandSpace raised about 180 million dollars for supporting its Zhuque-2 models of liquid Oxygen and methane launch vehicles. Photon is now modified into providing advanced services in space satellites even supporting some deep space missions like the Venus or Moon. The date has been decided for the next test flight of Virgin Galactic October 22 has been the date decided for the next through space flight test of the new Virgin Galactic. This is reported by the documents which were collected from the Federal Communications Commission.

This space flight is set to be the first of the two plans that the company had initiated for space tourism. Virgin Galactic has not yet come out with the date of their 2nd test flight. The flight will have four vision specialists for safety. sir Richard Branson the co-founder of Virgin Galactic is expected to fly in the first quarter of 2021 in space. This will mark the beginning of the future of space tourism service. Funding of Chinese launch mission LandSpace in C + mission round comes 2 weeks after the counterpart of the company iSpace raised about 175 million dollars in B funding. The clash of both companies is seen as very serious.

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