Friday Freebie September 11th: Where The Water Tastes Like Wine & Railway Empire

Friday please offer a round of games for the Giving flowers to enjoy for free entry. This offer is valid only for the weekend. every week there are different types of games that are featured. And all of the games are very unique and enjoyable.

Where the water tastes like wine

This game can be termed as a minimalist RPG game which is fairly artistic. And free for only a limited time period. This game is not available to free on the Epic games store for a longer time. this game is about looking for unique stories and the astonishing game world. particularly having a very famous voice cast actress from very popular movies and television series have contributed their voice for the characters of this game. Considering that the game is totally free it may not be a concern for anyone who is not willing to play this game only because of his or her taste.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on Steam

Railway Empire

This is basically a transport simulator game. It allows you to modify build maintain and increase the range of railway networks across different locations. the game is set up in the 1830s, of South America. Where the newly colonized new world is being connected through the bloodlines of the Railway. This game has a high concern about historical importance. Hence, you will be laying down the tracks with the accuracy of the conditions during that time period. Building trade routes, connecting new factories, and the newly set up towns, making a profit in these processes will be your task. This game can turn out to be very relaxing for the people who are not very hardcore gamers.

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Railway Empire on Steam

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