WORLDS FASTEST M.2 SSD by Samsung best and latest SSD: launch date, price and size

Sabrent Defeats Samsung At Their Own Strength: Builds World’s Fastest M.2 SSD

Sabrent has recently produced the world’s fastest SSD. This came as a surprise to many of us who always thought that it would be Samsung which would dominate this market. They managed to beat Samsung in what may be called ‘Samsungs biggest strengths’. Will this innovation mark the beginning of a competition between Samsung and Sabrent. Both are big companies with massive potential. Samsung doe produce products of much more variety in comparison with Sabrent. However, this may have allowed Sabrent to focus on a single project more. In addition, Sabrent was anyways considered the underdog. This tech innovation lands it on the top of the food chain when it comes to SSD’s.

About The Sabrent M.2 SSD

The SSD made by Sabrent boasts of sequential read speeds of up to 7000 MB/s. It can write at up to 6850 MB/s, making this the fastest M.2 SSD by a significant margin. Sabrent released this model after Samsung released it’s the fastest device. This device head has been named as 980 pro. However via employing the idea of ‘sandbagging’ the Sabrent M.2 SSD allowed Samsung to bask in the glory of the fastest SSD for a few days. Some view this as a cheap shot. As many believed Sabrent already had this in their internrary. They believe Sabrent wanted Samsung to not be able to enjoy it for too long.

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However, the Sabrent did face some problems. It’s very tough to obtain such high speeds without producing much heat. This issue has haunted Sabrent before. They overcame this by an innovative method. They decided to use a combination of aluminum and copper. This allowed them to ensure that the device does not give out excessive heat. According to Sabrent, by this method, the heat is moved away from the drive. Via this method it through the grooved aluminum surface on top of the heatsink.  To work out a massive speed of 7GB/sec, requires some serious cooling. Sabrent already has the answer in the form of the Rocket 4 Plus SSD. Hence innovation and guts have enabled Sabrent to work dominate the market.

Earlier too Samsung and Sabrent had locked horns against each other.







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