Trailer Alert: Watch Dogs: Legion “Welcome to London”.

Trailer Alert: Watch Dogs: Legion “Welcome to London”.

Ubisoft just released a trailer on its YouTube channel, named “Watch Dogs: Legion ‘Welcome to London”. The trailer is powered by NVIDIA GeForce TRX. 

With 2.99M YouTube subscribers, the video got more than 7,500 views within 45 minutes of being aired. Let’s see what the video has for the gamers.

Watch Dogs: Legion “Welcome to London” Trailer

The trailer features Ray Tracing and DLSS. The game takes you into the city of London and gives a mesmerizing gaming experience. In the game, some corrupt opportunists take away the city, and it’s the responsibility of the gamer to give the people back their city. How? Let’s find out.

Key Features that you need to know.


  • Play as anyone: This is one of the most interesting features as it enables you to build a team with a variety of characters to choose from with each having its own strength and ability. You can now enhance your legion with unique gadgets, attractive outfits, and iconic masks as well. 
  • Team Up with Friends: Yes, you can team up with up to 3 people using online multiplayer gameplay. You and your friends can enjoy a tour of London or can accomplish co-op missions. Additionally, you can do all of this while enjoying free regular updates, rewards, and themed events. 
  • Fight to Liberate: The game brings adventure by making the gamers explore London and fight to Liberate some of the most prominent landscapes such as Big Bean, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Street Art, and much more. 
  • Hack and Weaponize: The new trailer assures to bring a lot of technology into the game. Players will have to hijack armed combat drones and reconstruct old events to find out the face behind the terror attacks. Furthermore, one will also have to hack the advanced security systems. Upgrading and deploying technical gadgets such as Stealth Cloak, the spider bot, a micro-missile launcher are also some of the updated features.
  • A Story to remember: So, long story short, after a devastating terror attack on London, DedSec, a secret underground resistance is being accused of the harm. You will have to be his savior and help him find out the real culprits. Watch Dogs: Legion ‘Welcome to London’ has an appreciable storyline. 
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These features, as interesting as they sound, are expected to boost the enthusiasm levels. Anyway, let’s wait and watch.


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