How to enable Whatsapp Dark mode on desktop and Web?

How to enable Whatsapp Dark mode on desktop and Web?

The dark mode feature has changed the entire display game. However, WhatsApp dark mode was available only on phone initially. Whatsapp, being one of the most popular messaging app, was awaited this feature for a long time. People use it on laptops and PCs quite often while at work. So, to make the experience more exciting, you can also enable the  dark mode on Whatsapp Web now. Let’s see how.

Steps to enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on Web.

After the WhatsApp finally announced the launch of the dark mode feature for the web, the users no more need to look for tricks to do so. It can be done in a few easy steps, which are as follows:

  • You first need to update your WhatsApp phone application from the Google Play Store or Apple store according to the device you own.
  • Next, open whatsapp.web.com on your desktop or open the WhatsApp Application.
  • Now, verify your account using WhatsApp Web or the QR code.
  • Once you have your WhatsApp open, click on the three black dots on the top right corner where all the contacts are visible.
  • Tap on the settings option, then go to the ‘Theme’ option. 
  • In the new window, click on the ‘dark’ option and bravo! You now have your dark mode on.

The dark mode on desktop and Web is a recently launched feature, although, it was available on the phone Application a long time ago. Enabling the feature is quite easy and simple. 

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If you are someone using WhatsApp Web on desktop, laptop, or iPad, this feature will cool down the effect on your eyes caused by constantly working in front of devices.  So, what are you waiting for.  Get going and try the feature right away!

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