CHINA AGAINST CHINA?! Boycotting china product in china read to know why?


Recently, OnePlus, a famous Chinese brand made an announcement. It was revealed that OnePlus is shifting its headquarters. The phone-making firm has announced its research and development to be held in India.

Furthermore, it is said that the budget OnePlus is planning to keep is around Rs. 1000 crores. The facility will be the largest in the world by 2022.

The announcement made is a significant one. People are speculating that OnePlus decided to do this to stay away from Beijing. The reason is the humongous trade was that China and the United States are facing.

Also, the Chinese supply problems were noticed were only found recently.

Furthermore, the plans too were discussed with the media. OnePlus was already developing the OnePlus 8 and Nord Series in India.

The vice president of OnePlus R&D, India, Ramagopala Reddy gave out some statements also.

He said, “Our OnePlus R&D centre in India is already playing a crucial role by establishing itself as a global R&D base for the brand, particularly from the software development front with contributions towards global markets as well, including European and North America markets.”

The move is significant because other companies have reportedly been considering expanding factories in Mexico to get around supply problems.

Furthermore, the OnePlus India R&D team currently has over 300 employees working out of Hyderabad. It has recently hired over 70 graduates from universities. Thus, creating a big slot for Indian freshers.

Last but not the least, the labor class can also be benefitted.

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