Apple Glass Likely to Enter Mass Production Next Year, Release Date, Features, Prices, and Leaks

The new Apple next-generation gadget, Apple Glass, is certainly coming in the near future. Apple’s new augmented reality wearables could arrive later this year at the earliest. However, chances are less considering the company is currently focused on releasing the delayed iPhone 12, iWatch Series 6, and Airpods. Multiple sources already confirmed that the gadget is in development.

The recent leak claims that the Apple Glass may have a similar feature as that of Zoom. Patently Apple recently discovered a patent filed by Apple that talks about chroma keying. Chroma keying is basically changing one background with the other. Apple’s system can change the background (by capturing and formatting) in the HMD itself. The reports claim that it systems archives latency of less than one frame as it runs on 75 fps or even more.

Apple Insider then reported another leak regarding the upcoming Apple Glasses. They also discovered another patent, which would change the way of navigation. The audio navigation in the Apple Glass shows the user direction without speaking any words. This helps a user to continue listening to music or do phone calls, and yet they will receive accurate directions. Suppose, you have to take a left turn, then the source of music you are listening will come from the left side of the glass.

The latest leak suggests that Apple is on its way to change how you see Google’s Street View or even Apple Maps’ Look Around. The views of your area, or anywhere you see through Apple Maps’ Look Around or Google’s Street View can be directly projected into your Apple Glasses. It will even take one step further — project as if you were there.

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Apple Glass: Release Date

A promising leak, which claims to have come straight from the internal presentation at Apple, suggests that Apple Glass will release in 2023. Meanwhile a reputable Apple expert, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests a 2022 release date. Elsewhere, renowned Apple leaker — Jon Prosser — says otherwise and claims the March-June 2021 release date.


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