Los Alamos scientists help NASA with asteroid Psych: know more about the mission

Los Alamos scientists help NASA with asteroid mission

Scientists around the world, have forever been curious about how the universe works, and what is it made up of. NASA is also working every day for finding more and more. Let’s see what is new in the field.

What are NASA and Los Alamos scientists trying to find out?

So, the scientists of Los Alamos have created a simulation at the Los Alamos National laboratory. Scientists are aware of the fact that the core of the earth is made up of metal. But, it is inapproachable deep, and hence, drilling is not possible. Furthermore, the temperature and pressure conditions are so high that it is not possible to insert any machine as it will meltdown. So, the mission is to find out about the core using an asteroid which is believed to be made up to the same metal.

The Mission

The asteroid names Psych orbits between Mars and Jupiter and is 120 miles across. It is almost three times farther away from the sun than the earth is. According to scientists, it was formed during the early years of the solar system. Also, they believe, it has potential help us find many answers.

By studying Psyche, we might get a nice window into the past to see how our solar system formed and how planets in our solar system formed” Caldwell, a postdoctoral fellow from Los Alamos National laboratory stated.

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NASA is on a mission to send an aircraft to study the asteroid Psyche and Los Alamos scientists are helping them out. The mission is expected to begin by August 2022 and the aircraft will reach Psyche by 2026. The mission will be of 21 months duration and properties of the asteroid will be learned. The Mission is called 16 Psyche and may bring some fascinating understandings.

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