Best New Zealand Online Services That Are Taking Over


Online services have changed many lives since they became a “thing” years ago. The internet is now an incredible means for work-related activities, but also for any other type of projects, from relaxing purposes to learning new things.

The great thing about online services is that you will save time and money compared to traditional services. That’s not to say that traditional services are not essential anymore, but they have evolved in such a way to give more alternatives to customers.

Even if online platforms aimed to help customers and offer valuable services are not new, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. This expansion has allowed clients to ease their day-to-day schedules and find relevant guidance for their needs.

We put together a small list of the Best New Zealand Online Services that you should give a try when needed:


Airtasker is not a new platform, yet it has expanded significantly over the last few years. Fortunately, Airtasker is now available in New Zealand, meaning you can rely on it for almost any kind of task you may have to accomplish.

Airtasker connects clients with Taskers, taskers being the ones who offer their services for a pre-established amount of money. On Airtasker, you can find photographers, handypersons, translators, cleaning services, tutoring, or delivery services, and the list goes on.

If you need help with your personal tasks or maybe with errands around the house, you can now get in contact with a professional who can help you.

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On the other hand, if you’d like to earn money selling your services, you can quickly become a Tasker and get paid for your work with the help of this platform.

The great thing about Airtasker is that clients and Taskers are verified, meaning the transactions are secure, and you won’t have to deal with a complete stranger. The company confirms its taskers’ and clients’ profiles.

There is also a review section where everyone can see customers’ and taskers’ reviews to get an idea about the quality of the services or the minor problems encountered during interactions.

JustDeals App

JustDeals is a New Zealand online platform that combines offers, rewards, and deals for different shopping categories. The website features multiple partners, from travel agencies to electronics stores. You can use this platform to save money, find great deals, and enjoy a more extensive budget over time.

The significant part about JustDeals is that the website works smoothly and is very user-friendly, meaning that you can easily surf through sales, filter your options, and decide how you will use the money you save weekly or monthly.

Alternatives exist!

If you are looking for a similar service, but this time dedicated to coupons, there’s another friendly service you can find online: Cheapies. With Cheapies, you’ll discover a collection of coupon deals from different retailers. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for home & garden items, grocery products, or electronics. Cheapies has coupons for many, many categories.

Kiwi House Sitters

Kiwi House Sitters is an already popular website that centers on connecting pet sitters and house sitters with those who need this kind of service. You can join Kiwi House Sitters if you need someone to take care of your house, garden, or pets while away. Of course, if you desire to become a house or pet sitter, the website is also a perfect match for you.

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This service has fantastic reviews, ratings, and low fees, and it’s a safe choice whether you’re a homeowner or a home sitter. Every profile is verified, making sure you don’t put yourself at any risk.

CasinoAlpha NZ – a rating and reviewing casino service

When it comes to online gambling, choosing the best websites, and always going for licensed casinos, it’s vital to keep your data and finances safe. With the many offers on the internet, it can be pretty hard to decide which websites are trustworthy and which are just scams.

Casino Alpha is a helpful tool that offers ratings and reviews for casino services all around New Zealand. Casino reviews can help clients decide where they want to play and see what offers and deals they can find for their favorite games.

With Casino Alpha, you won’t have to worry about casino scams or spending lots of time searching for the best new deals, offers, or bonuses, because they already have that sorted out for you.

Online services are excellent for people worldwide, yet it’s essential to get the best offers adapted to where you currently live. If you’re looking for excellent online services, use the list above to get inspired and find the offers that best suit your needs.

It can be about finding online casino legit offers, getting an excellent house sitter, or fixing that annoying leaking pipe; online services sites are here to help.








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