Kamala Harris’s political career is threatened by her past relationship with Willie Brown

Kamala Harris’s political career

It is heard that Kamala Harris’s political career, who has filled for the presidential seat, is threatened by her past relationship with Willie Brown.

Kamala Harris is the United States Senator. She is half Indian and American. Kamala Harris started her career as an attorney in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. She was elected as an attorney in San Francisco in 2003 and was again elected as attorney general in California in 2010.

What California knows about Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris officially launched her presidential bid and is threatened with the misogynistic allegations that the California Junior senator slept her way to the top.

She had dated Willie Brown 20 years ago. She met Willie Brown when she was the assistant of the district attorney, at the age of 29 years. Willie Brown is an American Politician of the Democratic Party. He served the California State Assembly for 30 years and then he became the mayor of San Francisco, who was the first African American.

When he met Kamala Harris, he was 60 years old at that time. She left Brown when he was elected as Mayor of San Francisco.

Willie Brown says Kamala Harris should go for Attorney General | Daily Mail Online

He expressed in the San Francisco Chronicle, that he had Helped Harris, influencing her career and appointing her at the two-state commission when he was the assembly speaker. He said, he also helped her at her first race for district attorney in San Francisco and yes, they both dated each other.

Kamala Harris replied in the San Francisco Chronicle, that she didn’t owe anything to Brown when she became the district attorney. Harris in the past painted a different picture of Brown and who she considered as a mentor.

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She disagreed with the point, Brown made that he had donated $500 to the campaign and then have a consultant to raise money for her. She said she was distancing herself from Brown in 2003 because his career was filled with corruption allegations.

All the Brown supporters who used to care for his work and their relationship (Harris and Brown), they say that Harris used sex to launch her political career as at that time, he was in California State Assembly. All they say that they either had an extramarital affair or just a sex affair.

Do the reporters want Harris’s say on what happened 25 years ago? Was she a Gold digger and used sex as a matter to be a politician or is she a genuine lady whom her opponents are framing because there are very few women in the Democratic race and one being Her.

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