US Justice Department Seeks Proper Investigation on Election Tampering Case

Recent news from Washington states that the United States Justice Department is planning on pursuing criminal charges against the states under the Federal Government that were involved in the ‘fake electors scandal’. Hallie Jackson, a special political correspondent from NBC News, discussed the grave matter about the lawsuit with NBC Justice Department correspondent Pete Williams.

They talked about how the Investigation Committee from the US Justice Department that was formed on 6th January of 2022, has already subpoenaed 14 people from the alleged states to look more deeply into this matter and arrive at a conclusion quickly.

An investigation by the Federal Department is in the talks about the swing state election results

The investigation on the matters of the Federal Elections has come up time and time again after Donald Trump was falsely declared the winner of the 2020 Elections in the seven swing states– Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Later, it was revealed that the Democrat Presidential selection–Joseph R. Biden has, in fact, won the poll in those states.

This alarming incident testified to the fact that some vote tampering might have taken place at the election booths in those states. Now, United States Justice Department has finally decided to investigate the fake slates of electors that Trump is the victor in those states.

Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America–Lisa O. Monaco commented on this incident to CNBC. She only gave out some vague information as the talks about the investigation were still in a very early phase. In her words, the US Justice Department has elite prosecutors already looking at evidence for the case and she could not comment further on such a delicate issue, without some concrete investigation first.

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Trump Supporters Have Allegedly Cast Illegal Votes to Make Him Win

Even though no official investigation results have been disclosed, many experts are afraid that the false certificates to cast more votes in the name of non-existent people were apparently a part of an effort by the Trump supporters to reverse the Election Results and put him up as the winner.

Legitimate votes that were cast in the name of Joe Biden were counted by the elected officials but the fake slates planted, in all probability, by the Trump army, claimed that the former President was the clear winner in all the seven swing states.

Lawmakers, State Dept. Officials and the House Committee representatives investigating the January 6 riots have asked the Justice Department to look more closely into the role played by those fake electors and the documents they submitted to the National Archives on Dec. 14, 2020.

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