Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

Nowadays, streaming via the internet has been way popular than the standard cable TVs. Netflix and YouTube have become the most celebrated online video streaming platform. Several networks have now followed the same path, and today we have different OTT platforms for various networks.

However, it would be expensive to subscribe to every network. Due to this reason, a different OTT platform has partnered with the various network to stream the live TV on their platform. There are various such over-the-top streaming platforms where you can stream live TV by paying a few bucks.

Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV are all in a similar business. But, what makes it stand out is that you can stream several Philo TV channels at a lower cost than the others. With Philo TV, you don’t have to worry about cable connection and its issues and complications. You can easily watch various popular TV shows on your phone, laptop, tablet, and smart TV on the internet. Philo TV has become the best option for all those people who are frustrated with expensive cable bills.

Philo TV offers you to watch and record over 60 channels at the same time at just US$20 per month. Philo TV Channels are flexible meaning you can add and remove channels you don’t wish to watch in just a few clicks. But, it may not be the same with cable TV. Of course, cable TV also offers a similar service, but it would waste your time, and you have to go through several contracts, which sometimes are impossible to cancel. So, if you are planning to get rid of headache-inducing cords at a low price, then Philo TV is your option.

The streaming platform is owned by four companies, including A&E, AMC, ViaconCBS, and Discovery. Generally, the platform comes in the category of streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but it concentrates on Live TV. Philo TV Packages also offers video-on-demand like Netflix and Prime Video, but Netflix and Prime Video also offers their own original program, which Philo TV doesn’t. It mainly streams the same program that is broadcasted in real-time across various networks. Video-on-demand is limited to a few shows or movies on Philo TV.

While you download content to watch offline in Netflix and Prime Video, Philo TV offers a recording option, in which you can record various shows. The digital video recorder available in Philo TV lets you store the recorded shows and movies for 30 days. Such a feature isn’t offered by other Live TV streaming platforms, which makes Philo TV worthy of buying.

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You have to create a Philo TV account with your phone number and then issue a payment of US$20 every month. The internet television company has an exciting offer for a new customer. The new customer can have a free, 7-day trial after creating a Philo TV account. You can stream your favorite TV shows or movies on the website, or download Philo TV’s official app across various devices and stream anytime, anywhere.

Philo TV Channels Catalog

The Basic Philo TV Packages consists of 61 Channels at $20/month. Philo TV channels ranging from entertainment to sports. Philo TV features most of your favorite channels that air your favorite shows and programs.

Philo TV channels include AMC, Discovery Channel, Food Network, BET, Comedy Central, BBC America, Lifetime, MTV, HGTV, IFC, getTV, TLC, ONE, VH1, and Nickelodeon. The company has recently added two new premium add-ons Starz and Epix. If you pay an additional $6 every month then you can add Epix, epix2, and epixHITS. Meanwhile, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and STARZ: Kids & Family are available for premium add-ons if you again pay an additional $9 every month.Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

However, the Philo Tv channels’ lineup is sparse. Philo TV Packages don’t offer networks like Fox, NBC, The CW, CBS, and ABC. Also, you might not be able to watch your favorite football game or NBA as the lineup doesn’t include sports channels like Fox Sports and ESPN. The Philo TV had recently added the premium add-ons, only back in June 2020. You can browse through the available channels in a grid format as shown above and select your favorite channel to stream.

So, if you are having an irritating time finding your favorite channel or just want to save time, you can search your channel name in the search box. Moreover, you can also search specifically the show’s or movie’s name in the search box, and start streaming.

Philo TV Cost

The Philo TV cost way much less than other live TV streaming platforms like Sling TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and Fubo TV. Philo TV costs only $20 a month. Philo TV costs $10 less than Sling TV whose basic plans start from $30 a month. While Philo TV Packages have way less monthly cost than Fubo TV, whose basic plan starts at $54.99 per month.Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

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Furthermore, the DVR of other streaming platforms is limited but you get unlimited hours of DVR in the Philo TV.

Philo TV: Supported Devices

You can watch channels only on TV if you have a cable connection. But Philo TV Channels can be streamed on various devices. You don’t have to rush to your home to watch your favorite shows or programs. You can watch wherever you go, while on the commute or on the break time at your work. Philo TV is supported on various devices that are mostly used these days.Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

After successfully setting up your account, you can stream Live TV on these supported devices:

  • Laptop or Desktop through a web (browser) version.
  • Smartphones: iPhones and Android [OS 5.0 or higher] mobile devices through Philo TV App
  • Tablets: iPad or Android Tablets [OS 5.0 or higher], through Philo TV App, also Fire Tablets
  • Android tv [OS 5.0 or higher]
  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV

The web version best runs in four primary browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsft Edge

The recent report suggests that Philo TV is now available for Chromecast. The company announced that the Philo TV’s android app is now Chromecast-enabled. You can watch your favorite shows on your Chromecast by casting the Philo TV android app to Chromecast.

Philo TV: Account Profiles

Each member of a family loves to watch different programs or shows. Philo TV has a feature to set up a profile for each of your family members. You can create your own profile and set a different profile for your siblings so that you two can watch different shows at that same time.

You can create 10 different profiles in one Philo TV account. Also, Philo TV offers the ability to stream on multiple devices. A user can stream up to three devices, either a web or a phone or a TV, at the same time.

Philo TV: DVR

You may not be always free to watch your favorite shows or programs. Now with Philo TV, you don’t need to get upset about missing your beloved series. Philo TV’s DVR is the most-loved feature and due to this, it is popular among several people.

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If you are busy while your favorite show airs, then you can record the shows and watch in the future. Also, you can record the shows or movies that are scheduled to air in the future. You can record unlimited hours of various shows and movies until your device memory runs out. In other streaming services, there is a limited number of hours for DVR, and you have to pay additional charges for additional hours.Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

The contents that are recorded are available for 30 days. You can watch anytime within the 30 days. To record a show, you first have to save your favorite show. Philo TV automatically records every airing episode of that show. This saves time to remember to record each and every episode of any specific show. However, if you record any show or movies once, then you cannot delete it for the next 30 days. Phile TV automatically removes the recording after 30 days. Recordings help you to skip those annoying commercials as you can fast forward and rewind commercials.

Philo TV: Video-on-demand

Philo TV does have a lot of content for video-on-demand. The internet television company had mentioned that there are more than 40,000 titles for video-on-demand. The titles contain few to none new releases and most of them are classic hits and old releases.Philo TV Channels: All You Need to Know About Philo TV Packages, Plans & How to Setup

Philo TV: Video Quality

While you stream Live TV on Philo TV, you will encounter various video qualities based on your internet connections or bandwidth. If the internet bandwidth is less than 3 Mbps then you may suffer frequent buffering and video quality is too low. Standard-Definition video can be streamed on 3 to 7 Mbps. You can now stream HD quality videos if the bandwidth is more than 7 Mbps. A smooth and reliable HD streaming is possible only when your internet bandwidth is more than 13 Mbps. Multiple-device stream is also smooth and buffering-free in the bandwidth of more than 13 Mbps.

The bad part of Philo TV is that it doesn’t offer any local channels and programming.  It also doesn’t cover any sports and news, which may not be liked by many users. Overall, if your favorite shows air on Philo TV then this is the best option for you as it offers several on-demand contents and 50+ channels at a lower price with unlimited DVR.

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