Apple Homepod 2: Release Date, Price, News, and Leaks

While Apple smartphones, tablets, watches, earbuds, and TVs always have a spectacular impression in the market, same didn’t go for Apple’s Homepod when it was released in 2018. But, Apple is planning for Homepod 2 Release Date, which will potentially form a reputation in the current market.

Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino is planning to launch a new Homepod at a lower price than the first Homepod. Apple will reduce the tweeter from seven to two so that the price could be more affordable. For this reason, the reports claimed that the new Homepod would be called Homepod Mini instead of Homepod 2.

Homepod couldn’t do well in the market due to its expensive pricing and various hardware issues including limitations of ecosystem and Siri’s performance issue. Homepod is better in terms of sound quality and performance as compared to its competitors — Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. The A8 chip featured in the Homepod makes the device more powerful than those competitors.

Apple didn’t talk about the Homepod at WWDC 2020, which suggests that we have to wait much longer to get our hands on the new improved Homepod. Apple reportedly tried to sell all the current Homepod stock recently with amazing deals that included heavy discounts. In 2018, Macrumors claimed that Apple was planning to release Homepod in early 2019, but the company never went through it.

The new rumour suggested that the Homepod will arrive in 2020, shortly after the release of iPhone 12 and iWatch series 6. On the other hand, the company has never announced about the future plans for Homepod 2. When the first rumour hit the internet in July 2018, the expected price of the new Homepod around $200. Since the new Homepod won’t have the full-fledged feature like Homepod, it would be certainly cheaper than the current Homepod.

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The reports claimed that Apple recently filed a patent for their second-generation home smart speaker. the patent hints that the next-gen smart speaker would support Face ID and 3D gestures. The major improvements to expect from the upcoming smart speaker are better Siri performance, Bluetooth connectivity, low cost, and ability to stream music through other music streaming platforms like Spotify, etc.

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