Apple Homepod 2: When will the next-gen Homepod arrive? Release Date, Price, Specs, Sound Quality

Apple entered the smart speaker market with Apple Homepod in back in 2018, as a competitor to Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. However, the smart speaker didn’t stand tough in the market, probably due to its high price.  The market response has potentially affected the company’s plan to manufacture the second-generation Homepod.

Apple Inc. recently concluded the annual WWDC, but the company nowhere mentioned about the hardware. The recent reports on the Homepod state that the company is working on a better functioning smart speaker with more features and less price compared to 2018’s Homepod. Reporters claim that Apple desperately wants to hold its reputation in the home speaker’s market like Amazon and Google.

A report retrieved by Bloomberg mentioned that the upcoming Homepod would remove a few features to meet a more affordable price range. For that reason, the next Homepod might be named Homepod Mini instead of Homepod 2. Homepod is a high-end home speaker, which stands amazingly ahead than its competitors in providing sound quality and performance. The only reason the device has received negative reviews is the excessive-high price and few hardware issues.

The next-generation Homepod: What to expect?

The Cupertino will try to remove the faulty bugs and issues that prevailed in first-generation Homepod. The basic idea will be resolving the hardware issues, ecosystem limitations, and Siri’s performance in the device. Apple’s AI Siri has more problems while running in Homepod in comparison to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s Assistant. However, the smart speaker is way better in delivering sound quality in comparison to Echo and Google Home, thanks to the A8 chip featured in the device.

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Multiple reports claim that the seven-tweeter featured in Homepod will be reduced to two in the upcoming Homepod. Some Apple leakers discovered a recent Apple’s patent and deduced that the next-gen smart speaker would feature Face ID and 3D gestures. The new leaks also claimed that the upcoming Homepod will run on iOS 14. The next-gen speaker will also have better integration with other music streaming platforms like Spotify.

Homepod potentially arrives after the release of the iPhone 12 and iWatch Series 6.

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