Google Play Music Shutting Down by September, Replace with Youtube Music, Transfer Playlist to youtube music

It’s time for you to say goodbye to one of the most used music apps known to be google play music!  

Later this week, the company announced that due to some unknown reasons, they are shutting down their app, I.e., google play music. This confirmation was even given a few months back for which google also urged their users to switch off to the YouTube music app. However, now an official month for finally shutting down is being put forward by the company considering it to be September.

From where this all began?

As I have mentioned earlier, this decision wasn’t taken at a sudden moment, and the streamers were given some time to shift their data. Upon which they were asked to move as soon as possible as they could even lose the content.

Eventually, in countries like New Zealand and South Africa, the shutdown month was announced to be September. Consequently, until September, one more month was provided to all the global users.

What’s the other app to be used?

There are many streaming apps available in the play store, like Spotify, Wynk, Jio Saavn. However, to stand in the market, Google has turned with the alternative of the YouTube music app. Similarly, you can use the app for streaming the content of your choice. Therefore, only the name has changed rest all to remain the same.

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How to shift the data?

Google Play Music to shut down globally in October

Wait! The people or the streamers who have got to know today only don’t have to get in an anxious state. Eventually, you are leftover with a period of two months to shift your data from one place to another. Thus, you have got the below-mentioned paths for the same

  • Transfer your data to the YouTube music app
  • You can use a website which would help you to transfer your data
  • You use the specially created website which would offer you help in the transfer

After reading all this now, it’s time for you to hurry up if you have to transfer your music files and podcasts to a safer place. Else they would get vanished almost unknowingly.


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