Are Ryan and Brett Still Together? It was a Love At First Sight

Ryan Ignasiak appeared on Married at First Sight’s 13th season, which took place in Houston and aired in 2021. He was married to Brett Layton at the time. Since then the fans of the show are curious to know whether Ryan and Brett are still together. Well, the update is that the pair have since divorced.

Brett and Ryan were one of the three couples of Married at First Sight who broke up on Decision Day. The couple did not get back together after filming and they remain divorced.

It’s not necessarily a surprise they are not together. They had a pretty rocky road as many of the couples from this season did. There were even rumors that Brett had a boyfriend and Ryan was on dating apps during the season. While the former rumor did not hold much truth, it appears that the latter was indeed accurate. Initially, there were indications that Brett and Ryan had the potential to build a successful relationship.

Married at First Sight season 13

Married at First Sight season 13 is streaming on Netflix as of June 14, 2023, and fans want to know if Brett and Ryan from the Houston season are still together.

It’s been almost two years since the season premiered on Lifetime in July 2021. Since then, three seasons of the series have aired, and we’re expecting they’ll be added to Netflix soon. Married at First Sight season 11 and season 12 are also available on Netflix. Brett, Ryan, and a few other cast members from season 13 also appear in the “Where Are The Now” segments from the later seasons.

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Married At First Sight
Married At First Sight

Brett and Ryan married at first sight

Despite both Brett and Ryan expressing a desire to find love through marriage, they quickly realized that they were not each other’s usual types. They failed to establish a romantic connection. Ryan, who had envisioned his ideal partner as the “girl next door,” was taken aback when he was matched with a spirited redhead in Brett.

Ryan and Brett married at first sight

Are Ryan and Brett still together?

When it came to his marriage with Brett, the romance never took off. While Brett felt she was making an effort, she didn’t think that her efforts were resonating much with Ryan. He was hesitant to disappoint Brett but never seemed very enthusiastic about her. However, he couldn’t seem to bring himself to be entirely honest about this.

His tendency to beat around the bush came to a head when Brett found out that Ryan had matched with a friend of a friend on a dating app. Despite MAFS fans’ early optimism, Ryan didn’t seem committed to Brett. He admitted this was a mistake but emphasized that he did not talk to anyone while using the online dating app.

It seemed like, in the beginning, Brett and Ryan had a good chance to make this work, but the dating app revelation was one of the big reasons that the couple was unable to move forward. As a result, despite the efforts made during the show’s filming, Brett and Ryan did not reconcile or rekindle their romance after the show ended.

They have since remained divorced and have not pursued a future together. The challenges they faced, combined with the strain caused by the dating app revelation, ultimately led to the dissolution of their marriage.

Who is Brett Layton?

When Married at First Sight premiered in July 2021, Brett was 33 years old. Brett was born on Nov 10, 1987. As of now, she is 35 years old, which happens to be the same age as Ryan when season 13 premiered. Brett’s hometown is in Houston.

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She believes that marriage has the potential to bring enrichment to her life. As a devoted follower of the series, Brett willingly puts her faith in the process, considering herself a pragmatic hopeful romantic.

Brett is likely continuing her career as a teacher and coach in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, where she is employed for nearly seven years. Despite the unsuccessful outcome of her marriage to Ryan, Brett keeps herself occupied with various hobbies and a supportive circle of friends.

It’s important to recognize that not all relationships on “Married at First Sight” can succeed, and this particular season proved to be challenging for all the couples involved. Nonetheless, Brett has expressed no regrets about participating in the show. Furthermore, she expects to thrive in both her career and her new dating life, finding happiness beyond her on-screen marriage.

Brett Layton

Who is Ryan Ignasiak?

Ryan hailed from a small town in Texas, where he spent lots of time with his close-knit extended family. He is now 37 years old and will be turning 38 in August 2023, according to the media outlet. Growing up, he enjoyed the convenience of having his grandparents and extended family living within walking distance of his home. Now, as he enters the next phase of his life, Ryan feels a strong desire to find a life partner.

He puts significant pressure on himself to do so, as he envisions himself as a young and engaged father. Ryan looks forward to coaching his future son’s baseball team and protectively confronting any potential suitors for his daughter. He joined the show because he hoped to settle down at a young age, with enough energy to play sports with his kids.

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Further, Ryan spends his time fishing in Mexico and cherishes quality moments with his beloved dog, Maisey. Interestingly, Maisey apparently enjoys watching footage of herself on “Married at First Sight,” and Ryan happily indulges her in this unique interest. As a passionate dog lover, Ryan takes care of multiple canines and ensures their well-being.

In addition to that, Ryan is likely engaged in playing golf, which is a hobby he enjoys. Professionally, he works for an oil and gas company, which keeps him occupied and provides a source of income. While some fans believe that Ryan could have put more effort into his marriage, the relationship between him and Brett never turned acrimonious.

Ryan Ignasiak

Are Brett and Ryan in any relationships?

Both Brett are Ryan seem to be private people as they don’t post much about their personal lives on social media. Also, Brett’s Instagram account is private, so we cannot predict much about her romantic affairs. There have been a lot of rumors that both Brett and Ryan are dating, but we’re not able to confirm if any of that is actually true.


Brett and Ryan, one of the couples featured on the reality TV show “Married at First Sight,” made the decision to separate on the day of the final decision. Despite the initial hopes for their relationship, the couple faced significant challenges throughout the season. Ultimately, this led to their divorce.

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