The Last of Us Episode 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Run Time and More

The Last of Us TV series has gained huge popularity ever since series has been released. Based on the video game, its TV series has equally been loved by the viewers. After the successful release of episodes 1 and 2, The Last of Us Episode 3 Release Date is being anticipated.

Depending on the previous episodes and what we know from the game, it’s predictable as to what can happen in episode 3 of the TV series.

Towards the end of episode 2, there were hints for the coming episodes. Since episode 1, Bill and Frank have received much attention which means we can see more from the duo in the forthcoming episodes.

The Last of Us Episode 3

Episode 3 is titled Long Long Time. There are many surprises in the store related to Episode 3. The first one is, Frank. According to the game, Frank is Bill’s former partner. He is found dead in the game by Joel, Bill and Ellie. Because the series is a little different from the game, it will be interesting to see if Frank stays alive in the TV series.

Tess will be missed on the TV series after her tragic death in the previous episode. Though her last dialogue gave me goosebumps.

The Last of Us Episode 3 Release Date

As per the scheduled release of the episodes, a new episode of the series will be released every Sunday. Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 9 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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Have a look at the preview of the upcoming season.

In the preview, released by HBO Original, Joel Miller is seen warning Frank about the threat of the disease outbreak.

 Official Trailer release

HBO has officially released the trailer of The Last of Us Episode 3, much before its release date. The trailer hints specifically at the danger of the outbreak of the virus. Bill and Frank can be seen saying that they do not think there’s any friend or anyone to trust because of the deadly virus.

Watch the trailer below

According to the trailer, Joel is teaching Ellie to hold the gun and fire. Does that mean there’s a war-like situation? Will we be watching the much-awaited war breakdown? Well, we’ll have to wait just a little more to know the truth. But whatsoever, it is all going to be thrilling and fun filling.

How long will episode 3 be?

As stated earlier in our previous articles, an episode will be 80 minutes long. This seems a little too big for a normal episode to be aired. But 80 minutes episode will also seem short, considering the craze and love pouring from all over the world.

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Previous Episode Breakdown

The Last of Us has made its audience very emotional with every episode. So emotional that many viewers cry watching the episodes.

However, we can’t miss Tess’s shocking, tragic, and heroic death. The trio’s encounter with the horrific creatures was the episode’s highlight. The zombie-like creatures looked dreadful, making the whole series look even better and promising.

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As stated in the storyline of the TV series, Joel is hired to smuggle Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. They don’t quite gel along well, but surprisingly, Joel and Ellie have started bonding. They probably understood that they have to be by each other’s side for survival.

The Last Of Us Episode 3 Cast

Pedro Pascal profile thumbnail image

Pedro Pascal


Bella Ramsey profile thumbnail image

Bella Ramsey


Nick Offerman profile thumbnail image

Nick Offerman


Gabriel Luna profile thumbnail image

Gabriel Luna


The Last of Us Rating

The Last of Us has been receiving love from all over the world. Beaming thriller and screenplay have been loved by viewers from all walks of life. Both fans and critics have loved each bit of the TV series. Hence, the series has been rated 9/10 on IMBD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Tess dead in The Last of Us series?

Yes. We witnessed her heroic yet terrifying death.

2. How many episodes will there be of the series?

Initially, the makers decided on a 10-episode series but broke it down to 9 episodes for season 1

3. Who is playing David in The Last of Us show?

Troy Baker will be seen playing the role of David in The Last of Us TV series.

4. What time is the new episode aired?

Every Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on HBO

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The Last of Us TV series has received love equivalent to the Video game with the same name. It is a series that revolves around two characters, Joel and Ellie, who are trying to survive the horrific spread of the virus that changes humans into deadly zombie-looking creatures.

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The first two episodes have shown excellence in screenplay and storytelling. With a plethora of emotions and an engraving storyline, the series has it all.

In the previous episode, Tess was seen telling Joel to take Ellie to Bill and Frank so that they could continue the mission set out by Marlene and the Fireflies.

However, The Last of Us episode 2 ends on a sad note with the Fireflies at the State House dead from infection, Tess revealing her own bite. Her sacrifice gives time for Joel and Ellie to escape the infected.

It will be interesting to see how the story changes in the upcoming episodes.

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