Know the Top Mastering Skills To Clear CompTIA A+ Exam

CompTIA A+ examinations go through a content upgrade about once every three years to stay relevant to fast-evolving trends in the Information Technology industry. The CompTIA a+ certifications were created in 1993 by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)- an American-based non-profit organization that issued IT professional certificates. Soon, CompTIA certifications became the industry norm to kick-start a career in IT.

The old version of the CompTIA a+ certifications with reference codes 220-901 and 220-902 officially became defunct on July 31, 2019. These were replaced by a newer, updated version, code-named the A+ Core Series 220-1001 and 220-1002.

Why Is CompTIA A+ Certifications Essential For A Career In IT

As already mentioned, CompTIA a+ certifications are the baseline to determine if you have what it takes for a successful IT career. The CompTIA certifications are globally-recognized to the point where if you have one, a potential employer sees you as a highly valuable asset to a team tasked with critical IT solutions, technical support, and endpoint management.


Why Is Different About The New CompTIA A+ Certification

The updated A+ Core exams specifically meet the requirements of a post-pandemic world where hybrid and remote working are the norms. The virtual office setup has made organizations rely greatly on IT, such as SaaS applications, cloud computing, cloud virtualization, data management systems, and cybersecurity, to function smoothly and efficiently.

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It created the need for IT professionals to be highly perceptive and innovative in responding to the changing technological landscape. Hence, the need for upgraded, updated CompTIA certifications that demand a wider range of knowledge and skills to pass through the assessment protocol successfully and earn well-deserved CompTIA a+ certifications.


The newer version of exams requires you to clear both parts of the examinations: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002), to be issued a certificate.

Skills That You Need To Master To Pass The New CompTIA A+ Exam

The new CompTIA a+ certifications cover a vast subject area that any CompTIA aspirant should familiarize themselves with if they wish to clear the exams in one go. Some of these game-changing skills are discussed below:

Using Smart Devices

CompTIA aspirants need to master smart technology that is rapidly becoming mobile. Knowledge to configure hardware components and troubleshoot software issues in smartphones, laptops, smart watches, tablets, GPS devices, and e-readers are now considered vital skills evaluated for the CompTIA a+ certifications.


The new CompTIA exams emphasize having inside-out knowledge of all hardware components of devices and how to configure them. A sufficient grasp of the wiring and other electrical connections is also mandatory.


Cloud computing

CompTIA aspirants must be highly familiar with cloud computing and virtual desktops. The exam will have case study questions requiring problem analysis and practical competence in setting up complete virtual desktop systems for imaginary clients.

Network Troubleshooting

Thorough familiarity with networking hardware, such as firewalls and routers, is compulsory to tackle the CompTIA a+ exams. Additionally, it is important to know how to configure such hardware and troubleshoot common network problems encountered.

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Operating Systems

The CompTIA certifications assessment requires aspirants to be a pro on all the operating systems currently available in the industry, including Windows, iOS, and Linux. Theoretical and practical knowledge of how to tackle issues regarding the operating systems of devices is a must.


During the exam, CompTIA aspirants will be expected to demonstrate an excellent grasp of device software and be able to resolve imaginary problem cases with real-life feasible solutions.

Administrative services

As the world is increasingly digitized, more and more workstations are moving online. This trend has made the virtualization of an organization’s administrative and operational functions a must-have ability for IT professionals.


An increased risk of data theft and loss comes with the virtualization of workspaces. Thus, one of the key roles that IT professionals need to master and demonstrate in the CompTIA certifications is the management of security systems for ensuring iron-clad protection of the hardware and software of devices. Malware protection, encryption, and multi-level authentication are some security systems currently used for cybersecurity.


CompTIA aspirants should know that CompTIA a+ certifications are a fundamental skill set needed to build a strong base in the IT industry. Once your bases are well-covered with renowned certifications such as the CompTIA, upgrading and upskilling is only a matter of staying relevant to changing IT trends.


Certifications from reputed organizations like CompTIA are highly useful in understanding and implementing industry best practices to maintain cutting-edge IT skills that have long set CompTIA certificate holders apart from the rest of the crowd.

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The extensive topics covered by the CompTIA A+ certification syllabus require aspirants to be diligent in preparing for their exams. Due to the vast range of IT systems under study, it may be necessary to be guided under the tutelage of IT course providers such as Koenig solutions, who will rigorously coach you to complete CompTIA certification successfully.


Koenig offers broad-spectrum IT training services and is preferred by thousands of IT aspirants worldwide in their quest for the perfect job via certifications such as CompTIA.



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