Richard Gere: All The Details about the American Actor

Hello, entertainment fans! Are you up for another exciting detail about your favorite star? If yes, read the details about the actor. Richard Gere is a famous American actor known for his commendable roles in the industry. Furthermore, critics have recognized his work and efforts in the film industry. Let’s unravel more about the star, lifestyle, fortune, and more.

Fans are always excited to know what their favorite stars are doing and what they are upto. We will try to cover all about this in the article. Stay glued and read the article to learn more about the star.

About Richard Gere

Actor Richard Gere gained a lot of stage acting experience after graduating from the University of Massachusetts. Gere made his big-screen debut in Report to the Commissioner after garnering praise for his performance in Killer’s Head on Off-Broadway. Moreover, he played a minor role. His previous movies include American Gigolo and Yanks.

His early life

Richard Gere young

Richard Tiffany Gere, an actor, born on August 31, 1949, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, rose to fame in movies including An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Chicago, and Arbitrage. He was one of Homer and Doris Ann Gere’s five children and grew up in a sizable Methodist family. Gere, who had a musical background as a child, excelled at the trumpet.

He completed his high school education at North Syracuse Central High School in 1967 while receiving a gymnastics scholarship. Moreover, Richard Gere attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst for philosophy. He dropped out of school to pursue his interest in theatre after two years. Early in the 1970s, Gere was cast as Danny Zuko in London’s production of Grease.

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Richard Gere’s philanthropy work

Gere has spent much time on social and political concerns throughout his career. Furthermore, the longtime Buddhist has been the chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet since 1995 and co-founded the Tibet House in 1987.

Moreover, he later founded the Gere Foundation to support the Dalai Lama and promote human rights in Tibet. Additionally, he has contributed to organizations that help persons with AIDS, particularly in India.

Gere donated $2,700 to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 and supported her during her campaign.

Gere’s family

Richard Gere family

From 1991 through 1995, Gere married Cindy Crawford, a model. He married the actress Carey Lowell in 2002, and the two had a kid they call Homer. Gere and Lowell shared a home in Bedford, New York, for many years. They shared ownership of the Bedford Post Inn along with Russell Hernandez. In 2013, Gere and Lowell made the separation announcement; they finalized the divorce three years later.

In 2018, Gere got hitched to activist and publicist Alejandra Silva, 35, from Spain. “Knowing him gave my life significance because I was a little lost and without light,” she remarked to the Spanish publication HOLA! The couple announced the births of their second child in April 2019 and a boy in February 2019.

Gere’s fortune

An American actor named Richard Gere has a 120 million dollar net worth. Richard Gere started his career in the 1970s, and it’s likely that roles in movies like “Pretty Woman,” “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and “Chicago” are what have made him most well-known. He has received many acting accolades, including nominations for Golden Globe and SAG Awards, and he also works to promote human rights in Tibet.

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He purchased Strongheart Manor, a house in Sag Harbor, New York (in Southampton), for $6.9 million in 2005. The 6-acre house includes broad grounds and 300 feet of bay frontage. Moreover, he refurbished the property over the following few years, focusing on the 14,000-square-foot main home. Moreover, Richard put the house up for sale in 2013 for $70 million. He initially offered $47.5 million. But eventually settled on $36.5 million. Matt Lauer, a TV host, bought the item.

Trivia facts about Gere

  • Gere’s heritage is primarily English, with smaller elements of Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Welsh, Dutch, Scottish, and French.
  • Gere was a lifelong musician who mastered several instruments and composed music for high school plays.
  • “People” magazine readers voted Gere the sexiest man alive in 1991.
  • Gere used his music in the films Pretty Woman, Cotton Club, and Runaway Bride.
  • The Gere Foundation has become an advocate for human rights and other humanitarian causes worldwide.
  • He is an outspoken supporter of causes, including ending HIV/AIDS and solving the Tibetan refugee dilemma.
  • He expanded his horizons forcefully when his university major was Philosophy. He’s taken an interest in Buddhism and begun practicing its tenets.
  • The Oscars in 1993 did not allow Gere to attend. This happened after he publicly opposed China’s rule in Tibet.


Q. Is Richard Gere married?
A. Gere and Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva tied the knot in 2018.
Q. How many kids Richard Gere has?
A. Gere has four kids: three by his birth wife and one by his stepmother.
Q. Who is Richard Gere’s closest confidant?
A. Gere’s boyhood pal Herb Ritts is now a famous photographer. He was responsible for the first images ever taken of Richard Gere.

Wrapping up

In sum, this was all about the life of Richard Gere. The article described all about his life and philanthropy work. Moreover, the actor is an ardent believer in the Buddhist religion.  He got featured at the Cannes Film Festival and won multiple accolades for his performance. Moreover, his nomination for Best Actor at the Golden Globes and widespread acclaim for his performance as Steve Canyon in the 1990 smash hit “Petty Woman.” Moreover, this solidified his place as one of Hollywood’s most eligible leading males. Furthermore, he won a Golden Globe for his efforts in the musical picture “Chicago” in 2002,

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Gere has interests outside of acting, including commercial work, brand endorsements, activism, and philanthropy. Moreover, he has been quite vocal about the conflict in Tibet and the plight of indigenous people worldwide. We hope that you liked the article.

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