Portal 2’s director Josh Weier speaks more about the game’s cut content

Josh Weier, who is in charge of making Portal 2, has discussed the content cut from the game and explained why things were cut or how they came to be.

The people who made Valve’s first-person puzzle adventure masterpiece have talked about content that wasn’t included in the past. At the Games Developer Conference in 2012, writers Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek discussed cutting things.

A glimpse of cuts made in Portal 2

Moreover, references to Garfield, multiple endings, and Wheatley’s early death were eradicated. Later that year, Wolpaw also said that Valve had planned at PAX Prime. Moreover, it was for the game’s main character, Chell, to marry a turret.

Josh Weier talked to Did You Know Gaming about why these parts were cut and where they came from when the game was being made. This was ten years after the game came out.

Portal 2 director dissects cut content | Eurogamer.net

Here’s a Thing about how Valve found Portal 2

GLaDOS would try to change a parody of Garfield called Dorfeldt as part of the co-op campaign. Weier says that the writers “hated Garfield,” so they were happy to make fun of the comic strip whenever possible.

Weier was the game’s director and project lead. However, he worked more on the game’s single-player campaign. He remembered that Dorfeldt would have been in the co-op early. However, he never saw a “concrete” version of that.

The team thought for a short time about having Doug Rattman, an Aperture employee whose murals can be seen in Portal, show up in Portal 2. In the end, they decided not to do it. Weier said that art problems would make it hard for the team.

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Portal 2 Director Talks Cut Content

What did Weier tell about the game?

Weier told DYKG, “There’s always this thing in games where you can make it look really good and timeless. Moreover, you show it to someone, and then your game is instantly old.”

Weier also talked about where Animal Turret King’s design came from. Richard Lord, an artist, made the infographics on the turrets for the game, like the classic “65% more bullets per bullet” video.

About halfway through the video, a row of turrets with different skins is shown. “At one point,” Weier said, “I think [Lord] took the leopard-print one and put a little crown on it. I think he was just having fun. Moreover, everyone else foundunny, so he put it in that video, “.

This is why Chell is never shown up close in the game. Moreover, Weier said that the team thought it would take too long to make the Ratman look pleasing and recognizable.

Weier said that AI would have been another problem. However, members of the Half-Life 2 team thought it would be hard to make Ratman’s AI work well.

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